Forgive anyway !

No matter how selfish,mean or corrupt others are forgive them. Many a times,it hurts a lot but forgive them.

Why ?

*Humans make mistakes !

*Shaytan incites people against each other.

*We dont know what they have gone through or are going through and thats why they reacted.

*If Allah can Forgive us and is so Merciful..let us forgive each other.

*If your conscience is clear and you know you didnt do wrong..atleast didnt intend to… Then why worry ?

Allah knows and that is what matters !

*Above all,Forgive to be able to breathe,to have peace of heart and mind.

Forgive if you want Allah to Forgive you.

Be good to all.

And believe me,if you want to make the other person realize his or her mistake,be the best to them even if they have been the worst to you.

Dont ignore them or be impolite or rude. Why should your behaviour change ?

We are Muslims,Slaves of One True God,Allah ! We are Slaves of Ar-Rahman,Ar-Rahim and Al-Wadud !

Love Allah and His Creation for His Sake. Be good to all. And remember,what you do for them is to benefit them for His Sake. So when they hurt you..remember you still have to be good coz it is between you and Him and not you and them.

Allah is Great. Alhamdulillah,Allah has made us Muslims and given Islam,a way of life.

May Allah make us true,patient,humble slaves of His.May Allah give us a heart so that we forgive others.May Allah Forgive our sins. Ameen.


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