Islamic schools ?!

Like many people,I would criticize the Islamic schools-the education system,the quality,the discipline etc..

Today,I have a different opinion,Alhamdulillah.

If something is not right,if something needs change in the Islamic is our responsibility as Muslims to help our sisters and brothers in faith. We cant expect others to come and change it. We have to help.

We have to be a part of them..we have to make sacrifices..we have to choose this over the other famous institutes that would have been a means of boasting and pride.

I see a lot of young,talented Muslims choosing to be a part of schools where they have higher salary,other advantages,fame etc..

My dear sisters and brothers.. It is time we realize our responsibility towards the Ummah. The Ummah needs us,the Muslim youth.. We have to bring change and be the change.

It is indeed sad that we keep criticizing and dont do anything to bring change,to help the Ummah.

We have to be a part of the Islamic schools and contribute to its progress. After all,we are serving the Ummah that way.

When we study about the past,we are inspired by the heroes of Islam. And thats it.

We have to make the future bright and glorious,in sha Allah.

Today,many youth complain that our elders didnt do much to bring change..(i remember the ENVS topics too) and if we are negligent about our duty towards the Ummah..the generations to come will say the same about us.

We have to do something different. We have to be role models so that the generations to come will have people they can look upto,in sha Allah.

I know many people will say that so much time has passed and nothing could be done and nothing was done etc.. Doesnt matter !

We have the present and the future,in sha Allah. Much needs to be done. We must begin today.

Rather than taking your kids out of the Islamic a caring,responsible parent and a support for the school.

If something is not right,suggest. If something is right,appreciate.

Make dua for the school..for the guidance of the management,teachers,students,parents.

For all the young people,be a part of them. We the Muslim youth have to set things right with the Help of Allah.

The challenges are great,the worldly benefits not that great.. Dont worry !

Your intention should be that you are helping,making sacrifices for the Sake of Allah,to benefit the Ummah. By being a part of them and doing your best to bring change and be the are investing for the Akhirah..

Also,serving your own community will contribute to its progress. By inculcating Islamic morals and perspective in kids and are helping them to get the best in Duniya and Akhirah,in sha Allah.

I didnt plan to be a teacher in a school but a social reformer..I loved Islamic studies so I wanted to teach and I do that now to kids,Alhamdulillah but I guess Allah had better plans for me. Alhamdulillah,I wont complain because I realized why Allah put me in a situation I am in now.

I love my job,the much to learn..observing parents..observing kids..observing teachers !

I want to be a social reformer. I will do it my way,in sha Allah,with Allah’s Help.

Teaching kids the same subjects but having an Islamic perspective.

Discussing a kid with teachers or parents and finding solutions from an Islamic perspective.

In between classes,I share reflections related to the topic. It might sound weird but Alhamdulillah,I see my students loving science.

Interaction,dealing and conversation with colleagues,the domestic staff and others ,I try my best to remember and remind -the verses from Quran and hadith.

I remember a case where I was told to do something and I thought I wouldnt do a good job and a colleague would do better. I was confused..the ego came into picture. Very soon,what I had studied in Burooj as a student ,about the incident during the treaty of Hudaibiyah came to mind where a Sahabi was selected for a job and he suggested Uthman r.a. because he thought he would do better.. It came to my mind and Alhamdulillah with Allah’s Help..I overcame the ego. And ma sha Allah,she is doing a great job.. I told her today. May Allah bless her. Ameen.

Also,I read about Islamic leadership and try to implement.

I feel that very often we tend to forget that each individual in a team has experiences,talents,resources and they can contribute positively to a cause. We need to utilize that.

When Allah gives you power,you need to use it to benefit and bring out the best in the people involved and around you.

May Allah Guide me and all of you. May Allah Help us to be the change. May Allah keep us sincere,may Allah increase our knowledge. May Allah Help us so that we can make Islam a part of our lives and the lives of people around us. May Allah make us role models and people of action. May Allah Help us to enjoin good and forbid evil. Ameen


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