Life of a Muslim youth

The real joy and happiness is in serving people,interacting with them,understanding them and consoling them,encouraging and motivating them,benefitting them for the Sake of Allah !

It could be in the form of donations to orphanges,NGO’s or visiting an orphanage or old age home or just listening to people or consoling a depressed soul or someone who has become hopeless or
lost focus or sincerely advising them.

One of the best ways this could be done is by reminding them of Quranic verses or hadith,giving and spreading the message of Islam.

*If people complain that going to study in a place where it is on a 3rd or 4th floor or far but offers good quality and is affordable- tell them about the hadith-the reward we get when we seek knowledge. The reward from Allah should be a motivation and believe me,Allah will give you strength.

*Parents who give up hope on children who are naughty or dont study- power Of #Dua.

I met a parent who had 3 sons. The eldest was brilliant and well known in society,ma sha Allah. The youngest was around 2 year old and required the attention of the mother. The 2nd one always had this attitude that big bro knows it all so if he couldnt do something,big bro was there. The parent said “Bade wale se to kuch umeed hai,iska pata nahi.”

They had given up hope. #encourage and appreciate the child whenever he does anything good. Dont give up on him . Power of #dua. May Allah bless the family,the boy and make it easy for them. Ameen.

*A recent case,a 3 year old was so naughty,he pushed and hurt other kids,didnt study.. mother complained. All I said was: “Aap maa hain..aap apne bache ke liye dua kijye. Dua mei taakat hai. Yaqeen kariye,Trust Allah.”

A month later,that same child has become gentle,he has started concentrating in studies,wants to befriend others..the opposite ! Alhamdulillah ! Mother is happy. May Allah keep them happy. Ameen

*I met an old respectable lady some time back and now I see her on a regular basis. One day,she had to go to the doctor and she was trying to wrap the crepe bandage on her knee. I passed by and to tell her bye.. I saw her struggling so offered to wrap it. I dont know why she couldnt believe that I as a Muslim wanted to do that. I said : Aunty,you are like my grandma. If you needed help,you should have told me. I would be happy to help you ! She thanked me for two days ! That day I realized,what wrong impression people have of Muslims. Really,we need to remember our purpose.May Allah Guide her and me and Help me to live a life that will Please Him. Ameen.

*I remember visiting the old age home,there was an elderly blind man. He was alone in the room,sitting on the chair. I went inside,sat down on the floor and asked him how he was. He was telling me his problem and why he was there..After sometime,it was time for their lunch so I accompanied them to the room. That day,he prayed for me,”my child,may God bless you..” I did nothing but hear him and imagine he prayed for me and he was happy. Another elderly couple said their son left them as he thought of them as a burden. May Allah bless the old people and make life easy for them. May Allah Guide us so that we dont leave them in old age homes. Ameen.

*I had visited the muslim girls orphanage in one of the villages in Bengal with my aunts and an uncle. That time,I didnt know Bengali well. There were around 300 girls and most didnt know Hindi. I was sad that language would be a barrier but Alhamdulillah,that was the 1st time I tried my best to converse in Bengali and even with that “tuta phuta bengali” we had a good time,Alhamdulillah. I was standing in the open space and so many girls surrounded me. That moment,that joy,Alhamdulillah. They wanted to recite surahs and nasheeds and shared what they were taught and what they knew. The joy and excitement on the faces. May Allah bless them. Ameen.

*My sisters friend ,who was also my junior in school..had a negative view of Hijab.. She complained. I shared an audio on whatsapp.. Shared my my life changed when I started wearing Hijab and how it gives me confidence..I love my Hijab. Alhamdulillah,Allah gave her hidayat and now when her parents,family or friends tell her to remove or criticize..she gently explains. She told me,”Aapi,I love my Hijab. It has given me focus. It has changed me. I wont take it out ! Its become a part of me. When I go to tution class.. amidst vulgar and indecently dressed people.. I am respected.. My Sir and other males respect me. I am proud to be a Muslim.”

Looking at her,the change in the 6 to 8 years is amazing,Subhanallah. All I did was remind her with the article I wrote for the panel discussion and how being a Hijabi helped me,how Allah gave me the confidence to lead the Marching and cricket in college,organizing and hosting department events, participating in events,volunteering..etc.. That was a form of Dawah too and hijab was never a barrier but rather a boost,Alhamdulillah. May Allah keep her and me steadfast upon His Deen and make us confident young Muslims. Ameen.

*So many Muslim girls,telling that practising Islam,doing social work was becoming difficult. They began losing hope. I told them,may be Allah is testing you. Believe me,when you have to struggle to get things..the appreciation is more.

For me,thats how I started loving the Deen and its happening with other things in life too. The criticism from people around even close ones,losing friends,the internal conflict.. Even today, I face them but I like it now.. During these hard times, I am more inspired and motivated and Allah Helps me and gives me courage to stand up against the tide. And I believe,Allah is training me for something better in future. (a separate article on this,in sha Allah.)
May Allah make it easy for us all. Ameen.

*I remember a few girls I met while I was talking to a sister,who wanted some help and a friend who had questions on Islam. These girls were confused about Islam because they didnt like what their society or parents did . Basically,the culture,the biddah and shirk. They didnt know if that was Islam. They avoided learning about it as they thought it would lead to conflict . The madhab part was my confusion few years back. It didnt make sense why people fought over it . No one was able to give the answers. I was sad. I had prayed to Allah that He gives me an opportunity to study about the Deen,esp madhab.. I want to unite the Ummah. It grieved me to see people not allowing people of other madhabs to enter masjids,the arguments online etc. I didnt know about IOU then.. Alhamdulillah,Fiqh 101 is wonderful. So many of the questions I had are answered.

Now when I sit with people,I realize how quickly they get provoked and how we should avoid certain topics and focus and discuss about topics that will unite us rather than break us. May Allah make us of those who unite the Ummah. Ameen

*It grieves me to see youth running away from Islam due to culture,society,parental and peer pressure. If you are a practising youth,you have to bring back your is your the words of Ustadh Nouman A.Khan.

When you start becoming serious about the will no doubt face challenges-criticism,taunts from family and society..losing friends..your interests will change-the movies,malls,opposite sex,music,wasting time – will be replaced by halal entertainment and productive activities. The halaqas,volunteering for social causes,watching khutbahs,islamic events etc will become a part of life.. You will be looking for opportunities to do Dawah. You start avoiding the acts of shirk and biddah in jokes,words and actions. All this will bring opposition and criticism from people close to you and around you.

Do not grieve my friend. Remember prophet Ibrahim,prophet Yusuf..remember the Sahabahs like Musab ibn Umair. They went through hardships..they were patient and they trusted Allah and see the end result ?

Remember the following:

*Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear. (Quran)

*Verily,with hardship comes ease. (Quran)

*Hardship and trials result in expiation of sins.

Remember,my friend,what you are going through,Allah knows. Allah knows your fears and tears. Allah knows. He will respond.

Seek His Forgiveness. Make lots of dua. Do voluntary fasts and salah. Pray tahajjud.
Be patient. Dont be rude or angry. It can be too much at times..but being angry and aggressive will make it difficult for you to practise Islam.

Initially,people get excited-stop this and stop that. It is haram. It is biddah. Allahu Akbar ! It will make things complicated. Dont do that.

Focus on gaining authentic knowledge. Read Quran. The more you read,the better. With time,as situations arise..the verses will come back to you as consolation. Read the begin with An Nawawis 40 hadith…and same thing as situations arise-both Quranic verses and the hadiths will come to your mind and you will feel better and they will give you strength to bear and face challenges,in sha Allah.

Cry and make dua. Beg before the Lord of the Universe. The One Who has control over everything..He alone can Help.. He will make way where there seems to be no way. Only in the Remembrance of Allah,the heart will find rest.

Complain to Him. Tell him whats in your heart. He is our Rabb,The Loving God,The Most Merciful.
Do not give up,my friend,Do not give up.

If you have Allah,you have everything. With His Help,anything is possible.
Pray for yourself and for the people around you. Dont give up on yourself and on them.

Nuh alayhissalam worked on his people for 950 years ! The people tortured the Prophets and the Sahabahs ..they were patient. They had good intentions,theyworked hard and strived and Allah gave them victory.

May Allah grant us beautiful patience and steadfastness. May Allah Guide us all.Ameen