Nature or technology

Technology has no doubt made life easy but we have become too dependent on it. I realized that when I.S.Ma’am was teaching and also during this trip.

*We have stopped using the biological clock..the circadian rhythm..the working and letting body work according to natural rhythm.

*We have stopped using our brains and instead depend on google search for creative ideas.

*We have become distant from nature and Allah’s creations..

*We no longer reflect on His Signs,on the creation.

For example,if we are given a gadget,we will find it interesting,we will enjoy ! If we are given an opportunity to be amidst nature or told to be around plants or animals,some will find it boring,dirty,lost-no clue what to do !

Infact,I find it strange that amidst nature..when you can gaze at the clouds,stars and moon,at the birds flying,plants and trees moving in the breeze,waves hitting the land..staring and fidgeting with the gadget is considered better !

Allah’s creations-star,moon,clouds,trees,animals appear less interesting and the gadget,man’s creation appears more interesting ! Allahu Akbar !

That is our state.

We use Allah’s creations and man’s creations for our selfish needs and wants and not for the greater good.

We have strangest of gadgets-bluetooth furniture,this and that.. No point ! Whats the need ! Use that creativity,energy and money for something better !
What a waste of the above resources !

And then overexploitation of the natural resources !

Why ?!

Remember,we are accountable to Allah. For everything we are blessed with,talents and resources,we will be questioned.

Don’t waste them. Use it for doing and bringing good for all.