Lone flower

We often see plants growing..flowers blooming amidst dirty places or on almost barren land.

That is hope..!

Have Tawakkul in Allah !
Miracles happen.

*no matter how negative the atmosphere is around you,you can still be the positive change,the hope !

*we see so many examples of leaders,social reformers emerging from the worst scenarios and from historical events too.

*it is the negative environment around that makes one determined to be the change and to be different.

*amidst negativity,we might worry about provision. Dont worry my friend ! Allah will Provide for you and take care of you even there.

*from the worst of scenarios,the best can emerge. I remember hearing a khutbah where it was mentioned that before the advent of Islam in the Arab peninsula,the Quraysh were the worst and most disliked,so much that the other powerful nations didnt want to conquer and rule them. And after that,we know..how Islam made them the best ! The hope and light of Islam made them the best of people ! They made discoveries,contributed to Renaissance and brought change.

*Islam was the factor that changed them and it will change us,in sha Allah. It is a way of life,guidelines from the Creator and Lord of everything that exists on how to live the best life,striking balance between this world and the Hereafter..covering all aspects of a mans life.. Subhanallah !

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