Sitting on the beach with family,where waves could hit us..

*I realized that if Allah’s creation had the power to move us like that..to move the boats like that.. Just imagine,how Powerful would the Creator be ! He is Allah,the All-Mighty,the All-Powerful !

*It made me feel like we humans boast so much,we think we are everything and are in control of everything and have influence on the creation.. We are nothing,really nothing,without Allah !

*We might try to use this hydel and tidal energy for our benefit for electricity etc..but during the storms and the tsunamis we fail to excercise that control ! Subhanallah ! Allah has control over everything.

*Think about the storms all over the world !

*Also,the incident of Firawn..he considered himself God and when he was drowning..he realized who he was !

Allah is Great ! Allah is All-Mighty,All-Powerful !

“…so that you might know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge.”
(Quran,Surah at-Talaq: 12)

“When He wills a certain thing, He commands it ‘Be!’ and it is”

“Consider the range of His creation:tiny creatures and monstrous beasts with strange appearances both dwelling in the depths of the ocean;delicate and melodious birds with multicolored wings, the beauty of which skilled artists imitate as an adornment to their craft; stars that shine in the heavens and the sun that rises and sets;the dawn and the moonlight; the planets, galaxies and nebula each of which sometimes contains at its heart millions of great shinning stars giddying in their apparent infinitude.

Does not a creation such as this, awe inspiring in its splendor, indicate the infinite power of its Maker?”

“The sun, the moon and the stars are all at His command. Be aware that creation belongs only to God; it is His penetrating command that in its exalted purity creates the world and all it contains.” (Quran,7:54)

*”A man who is aware of God and knows that he enjoys His support can resist and endure all kinds of hardship. Difficulties are for him like foam on swift vanishing foam on the face of the waters.”

“He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Knower of the unseen and the seen. He is Gracious, the Merciful.He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Bestower of Security, the Protector, the Mighty, the Subduer, the Exalted. Holy is Allah far above that which they associate with Him.He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are the most Beautiful Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is the Mighty the Wise.”
(Quran,59: 23-25)


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