8 years wait

Looking back at life, I realized that everything happens for our good.

I remember when I was in Class 7 or 8 and karate had started in school and I couldnt learn. Timing,male tutor,my maths tution were the reasons why I couldnt learn then. It made me very sad.

Since then I would keep checking the newspaper and websites if there was a female karate teacher. I wanted to feel comfortable while learning and do it well.

8 years passed and Allah made it possible.. 8 years of searching and waiting..Now this may,2015, one year will be completed of all female karate class, Alhamdulillah.

I realized if I had learnt then,it would be me alone. Now,with Allah’s Help ,it is 19 more people Alhamdulillah and it includes young girls,who wouldnt have been able to learn otherwise because of same problem,I faced.

As humans,we are so weak,our knowledge is so limited. We dont know the Unseen. Allah,the Lord of the Heavens and the earth,the Lord of man and Jinn,the Lord of the Universe is Great. He is All-Powerful,All-Knowing,All-Aware. He knows the Unseen.

If we read the stories in the Quran or the stories of Sahabahs..we will see that so many times weak people become strong and victorious. If Allah is with you,you will be victoriorious.

“Weakness comes from being forsaken by Allah.”

The story of Yusuf alayhissalam is so beautiful. It is one of my favourite,it inspires me.

When Prophet Yusuf was separated from his parents and thrown in the well or in jail or when he was accused…all that was pain and hardship but look at how Allah rewards him..look at how much patience Allah blessed him with..and the result ?

He re-unites with the family,the brothers apologize,he has a good position in the society.

In the story of Musa alayhissalam..the mother of Musa,she was sad that her child got separated but look at how Allah reunites them. Musa grows up in the house of Pharoah,his enemy and the one who killed baby boys. He is brought up there and the 2 good people then-Asiya and mother of Musa.

Then the treaty of Hudaibiyah,how unfair were the Quraysh ! But then you see after that came the conquest of Makkah !

How it all works,Allah alone knows.

Let us keep doing our best,have faith and trust Allah. Let us seek His Help,the All-Powerful,the All-Knowing,All-Aware. Let us submit to Him. And we will,in sha Allah,be able to stand up against all evils and emerge victorious,with His Help. Ameen

May Allah grant us tawfeeq to submit to Him,to be true and obedient slaves of His. May Allah make us among the as-Sabirun and al-Muttaqun. Ameen