Muslim Youth passionate about Islam

Alhamdulillah,I met a sister who started practising Islam,recently. Ma sha Allah,her enthusiasm ! May Allah bless her. Ameen.

We were working and having a conversation at the same time and as usual Alhamdulillah,love directing it towards Dawah,sharing what i learnt and am learning from Burooj and IOU .. Its irresistable ,doesnt matter,if its library,workplace,a park,a gathering. Alhamdulillah,Islam is so beautiful !

She was telling me that her mama had shifted to a different city ..and she looked forward to his rare visits to Kolkata as he would share stuff about Islam.

Yesterday,she had told
her mother that she had found someone like her mama. Her mother was happy and told her that whatever you learn,come and tell me,even I want to learn more. Ma sha Allah,may Allah bless the sister and her mother.

She had become interested in Islam and joined the place so that she would learn more about it.She was asking if theres an institute or group where she could learn more. I told her about Burooj. I shared about the Burooj Carnival and how well the participants did in the events. While I was describing..she was amazed just like we were and the judges too.. Ma sha Allah..the talent..young talent and energy in Kolkata .. Not channelized,not given opportunity !

I dont remember if I have shared this before.. When organizing the Burooj Carnival.. So many sisters got to know 1 day before and guess what they said..its unbelievable !

They requested that they would submit and I go through it.. And they didnt want a certificate or gift ! Just the opportunity to write on : Islam-a solution for Youth Problems or take part in Nature photography with an Islamic touch !!

I told them that they would get participation certificate. Those essays and entries were quite good,ma sha Allah.

Incase,this helps: many of these participants are now part of my Youth with a Mission groups on Whatsapp,Alhamdulillah. I made a blog..requested 2 sisters to be in charge of it and managing it ( 1 of them wanted to do something to help and do social work but she wasnt allowed to go out often so she was happy with this..reward for her and her wish fulfilled – Allah is Great ! Intention matters and Allah makes way. He puts ideas in our mind.)

The blog is named Youth with a Mission and there are about 15 to 20 sisters,combining both groups..all passionate writers..and wanting to write stuff from Islamic perspective. Ma sha Allah.

The reason for sharing the above (may Allah keep me sincere.) :
*the passion and talent of Muslim happy to see that ! May Allah bless them and Guide them and us all. Ameen.

*At times,along with the youth,elders get interested in Islam too.Alhamdulillah.

*If anyone gets better ideas to do something to benefit the Ummah and mankind for the Sake of Allah,I would be rewarded too,in sha Allah.

*Realized the need to organize more such events so that they are encouraged and motivated,in sha Allah.

*Intentions matter ! With tawakkul in Allah and hard work..and with His Help,anything is possible.

*Good things happen not because we are talented and great or are special ..its not because of us. Allah is Great,Most Merciful. He is worthy of all Praises.

Let us purify our intentions,trust Allah,seek His Help and keep working hard. May Allah Help us all. May Allah Guide us and make us a source of inspiration and guiding and encouraging others to the truth. May Allah Help us to enjoin good and forbid evil. Ameen

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him,is the messenger of Allah !

Allahu Akbar !

Admin M.A.