Library thoughts

Alhamdulillah,I volunteered to help in the library,I was a part of 6 years back. Reminded me of the time I was a library squad member in school days. While I was arranging the books and mending the torn,dirty ones..

I thought just like these books are in a mess and need repairing,the world is in a mess. We are Muslims and we have to go out and do the mending,with Allah’s Help.

Whether it is picking up the wrapper on the ground or planting that sapling or removing the stone or harmful thing on the road or helping clean up a place..whether it is helping and consoling a person who is sad,depressed,heartbroken, is our duty !

Let us be active. Let us fix all problems..ourselves and the world with the Solution of Islam,in sha Allah ! May Allah Help us. Ameen.


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