Alhamdulillah ! Allah is Great ! Today morning I gave my Fiqh Iou midterm exam and I realized and I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to apply during dawah to 2 young enthusiastic reflecting girls. They had so many questions,ma sha Allah. May Allah Guide them. Ameen.


*Why am I here ? What is the Purpose of Creation ?
( i used the new “whats ur goal” approach,relating it to football)
*Gender equality
*gender roles We also discussed about dressing of each.
*Who is God ?
(the Surah Ikhlas test )
* Quran is the word of God.
*The Hereafter
*They loved the hadith about how Allah rewards us 10 times or more and only 1 sin recorded when we act on it. One of them said,I wish our teachers gave us 10 points for the correct things and minus 1 for wrong,it would be an encouragement to do more good. They were impressed with the hadith.

Overall,Alhamdulillah,they were satisfied and happy with the answers and it made sense to them. Their view on many things had changed and I told them what I shared was from Islamic perspective. Allah Helped me recall and share.

I am grateful to Allah that I got this opportunity and for the blessing that I am a Muslim and we have the solution of Islam for all problems. I thank Allah for Burooj,IOU and Shazia api. May Allah bless and reward the team. Ameen

I did my duty,I tried my best. It is Allah Who Guides. May Allah Guide me,the 2 girls and all of you. Ameen

Allah is Great and Our Deen Islam is Beautiful .


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