Youth activity

Youth activity-image of a woman

What is ur view,opinion,thoughts about the way women r treatd generally.Any experiences,advise,solutions u have n wud like to share

With all due respect sister . I just hav one thing to say that we need to change the mind of the children specially the youth towards women in the society … they should respect all the women in the same way they respect their own mother sisters daughters. Until and unless we don’t teach and preach this nothing will help. Movies , pornography … items songs r one side …. I hav gt to knw frm one of my relative who is working in islamic country and there he was crossing the road and he saw women wearing hijab naqab and abaya and callibg men for massage …. he was shocked. He recite La haul wala quwat and went away. This is the scenario of the islamic city. Its quite shocking for me as well as for everyone . A very bad site of those kind of cities.
I agree with u that the change should b from within … until and unless we dnt correct ourselves we cannot ask others to do so.
What was more shocking for me is atleast the women who r in these profession should not wear abaya atleast . I dnt knw whether I m right or not bt atleast I think its an insult .
Correct me if my thoughts r wrong sister

Its true that unfortunately womens are feeling proud when someone calls them”item girl” or something like that. Its not worth it! We’ve to protect ourselves from evil no one is going to do it for us. First women wear such clothes or dress that way so that others are attracted but when the worst things like rape happen then who should be blamed first that time. Its obvious that when the intention was to attract others then the result is quite obvious.

I agree with u that we should dress according to respect our ownself. But the males need to be educated and even should be taught to respect women .
We have seen rape cases of 3 years old girl
Small innocent girls r getting raped by their own family members.
Its a shame… until and unless the thoughts wont b changed nothing can change

Yes its true but what I mean is that it is the duity of both. We need to follow Allah un any way

What I mean to say unfortunately people think that hijab is only for women but Allah has described it for males first then to the women

& hijab just not mean only covering but it consist hijab of eyes, ears,walking and many things

When they see other women …. but unfortunately I hav seen many men who ask their wives and daughters to wear hijab and do parda and they themselves roam and look at other women

And very sadly saying even at home a girl child is Ma sha Allah educated about hjab while they fail to teach the same to a boy child

Exactly …. the boys need to b educated first and even the girls ..

Hijab nowadays hav become fashion which was once only to cover ur body and protect urself…. I see people wearing hijab which attract other women forget about males

I m not myself perfect but i m trying my best everyday…. my point iswe all need to become more like a practising muslimah rather than just a talking muslim… and its applied for both men and women.

If we r talking about how women should b dressed we should also bring the topic of educating the males of all ages to respect women … this topic should also b brought into limelight.

If only one side will b doing their best and the other side dnt even gv a bit to improve themselves than its useless to even talk about it.

Yes thats what we see today that so much talk going about women hijab and its good Ma Sha Allah but the brothers should also be taught about their obligation


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