To my brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity,

To all those who have forgotten..
Forgotten that only Allah..
Allah alone has the right to be worshipped..

Brothers and sisters,it is time to remind you and myself first that the very reason why you and I were created,the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah alone..

The reason the Great battles were fought,the Sahabah’s were martyred,lives and wealth sacrificed-was to uphold Monotheism,belief in Allah,the One True God..without assosciating any partners with Him,to obey Him and His Messenger..to destroy shirk,polytheism.

The Ummah,the world has forgotten that..

To those who worship and glorify Prophet Muhammad pbuh,Prophet Uzair pbuh,Prophet Jesus pbuh,Ali r.a,Hussain r.a and other pious men..

What did the prophets,Ali r.a,Hussain r.a,the pious men do ? They worshipped and obeyed Allah,the One True God.

Then why,why should we worship and obey anyone besides Allah.

Allah says in the Quran do not assosciate partners with Me in worship.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said do not make the graves of prophets places of worship.

We call ourselves Muslims,one who submits to Allah’s Will and says,”we hear and we obey” Allah and His Messenger..

And here we are-not obeying Allah(assosciating partners with Him) and not obeying His Messenger (not following Sunnah,making him and others Gods)

We say the Shahadah-
La ilaha illallah,Muhammadur Rasulullah.(There is no God except Allah and Muhammad pbuh is the Messenger of Allah) but we do not testify with our actions and words.

You still sing praises for other than Allah,
you still glorify other than Allah,
you still call upon other than Allah,
you still obey other than Allah.

You know when I hear chants,praises for someone other than Allah,it makes me sad,really sad !

Coz I start thinking about why we were created,what Prophet Muhammad pbuh would worry about,why Islam came..

Allah says in the Quran,He Created man and Jinn to worship Him alone.

Allah Created you,
Allah Provides for you,
and here you are rejecting,disobeying Allah and He still Provides,He still Gives !

You call upon other than Allah as your Lord and yet,yet He Gives !
What Mercy,What Grace,Glorified is He !

Brothers and Sisters..
Think about Allah,your Lord and my Lord..
The One Who Created me,you and our parents,

Who Created the Sky as a roof above you,the mountains to give stability to the Earth..

Who Created the water to keep you alive,the crops to nourish you,the animals to make your work easy..

Who sent the rain to Provide you with relief,Who Created the Sun to provide warmth and light..

Who Created the heavens with stars as adornments and to give you idea of direction..

Allah gave you eyes to see the beauty of His Creation,the ears to listen to sounds of birds and people you love,the nose to breathe in Oxygen that keeps you alive,the mouth to speak and glorify Him,the limbs to move,feed yourself,make things easy,to worship Him ..

He gave you a brain to let you respond,react..to reflect on His Creation,analyse,observe..
He gave you a heart to feel the beauty of His Creation,to feel His Love..to Love Him and to love for His Sake..

Allah gave you everything

and you say:
“I do not believe in God.”
you say:
“Allah is not my God.”
you say:
“Allah doesnt love me and doesnt give me anything !”

How ungrateful we are and how Great He is !

May Allah Help us to submit to His Will,obey Him and His Messenger.Aameen


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