Election results and arguments among us

My dearest sisters and brothers in Islam,

Whether it is BJP or AAP or Congress..As Muslims we should know that everything happens by the Will of Allah.. This is Qadr that Modi will be the P.M.

You and I dont have control over these things. Allah does.We did what we could,we exercised our right to vote.

And no matter what happens-Modi,Congress,AAP.. or Israeli P.M’s,Bush,Cameroon…no matter who it is..the Religion of Allah cant be defeated.

People can kill Muslims but cant destroy our Eeman,in sha Allah and the Deen of Allah will be victorious.

And we as muslims have to think about bigger and more important things than discussing and fearing Modi.

We have to trust Allah and do our part..we have to be united and not fight and argue amongst ourselves. We have to stand up against injustice done against Muslims and mankind because Allah says in the Quran that we are the best nation who enjoins good and forbids evil.. We have to fight injustice and corruption together..and for this we have to be united and love each other for His Sake.

Do not argue and fight with each other over this. We are all sisters and brothers and it is shaytan who wants disunity amongst us..he is the enemy.

May Allah keep us united and together we have to change the world,in sha Allah.


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