15th may LER

Alhamdulillah,today was such an interesting day. I went to pick up my sisters from school and ended up meeting 5 to 6 girls. Alhamdulillah,a lot of positive things happened:

*Met a junior who was in the same school as me,she started wearing hijab and has changed so much for the better,Ma sha Allah. Her confidence and pride of being a muslimah,made me so happy. May Allah Guide her and keep her steadfast. Ameen

*An enthusiastic Muslim youth,telling me how hard she tried to do something to keep her area clean and it didnt work and how upset she was. But she said,I will keep doing even if no one does. We shared incidents of the past. I told her about my projects and she wants to be a part of them,Alhamdulillah.May Allah Help her to channelize her energy,talent and youth to serve Him. Ameen

Alhamdulillah,this gave me hope and I have faith in Allah,change will come,in sha Allah.

Just remember to do your part well,be sincere and be a carrier of positivity and be optimistic. If Allah is with you,anything is possible and you will be victorious,in sha Allah.
Allah is Great !

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