One family.One society.One Ummah

Parivar mein ekta hogi to samaj aur ummat mein ekta hogi,in sha Allah.

I was reminded of a hindi poem I had studied in Class 10. The lines I remembered,meant that when a family is united,the society and the nation will be united.

We think of uniting the society,the Ummah when there are fights,when there is disunity in the family.

We see devranis and jethanis and nanads quarrelling,having arguments when the kids fight over toys or while playing,or they try to outdo each other and also try to show how smart they are and how bad the other one is. We see brothers quarrelling over a building,a piece of land,inheritance issues.

We see and are a part of these things that are insignificant,that cause harm,cause disunity in the family.

We get so worried,depressed about these things when there are other important issues to be addressed.

When such things happen,we should keep a few things in mind :

*When its about jethanis and devranis and nanads,they are your sisters in Islam too. Overlook and forgive their mistakes. Be good to them and that would be dawah to them. Have a big heart and teach your kids to have a big heart. Forgive and Love them for the Sake of Allah.

*When its about brothers quarrelling over business,inheritance,again treat them as brothers in blood and faith. Forgive and Love them for the Sake of Allah. If you are the eldest,be extra good and you will be a role model and it would be dawah to them.

*If you lose something materialistic in the duniya,never mind.Allah will give you bigger and better things in the Akhirah.

*When it is about dealing with mother and father in law,treat them like your parents. If you did something wrong and your parents had corrected or pointed out,you would call it love and care and appreciate it.Treat them like your parents and they will treat you like their daughter/son.
If they dont,still be good. Your reward is with Allah.He knows what you do and what is in your heart.Never mind if people misinterpret and are bent on misunderstanding you.

If the family is united,then it can work together and address bigger,important issues of the society,the world. But what happens with us is we are so occupied with small,silly family issues that we dont have the time to think,the energy to address important issues.

May Allah Guide us all. May Allah give us the heart to forgive and Love everyone for His Sake.

If you want to unite the Ummah,take up the challenge and make a sincere effort to unite the family you are a part of. If you can do that and with that experience,you will be able to unite the society,the Ummah,in sha Allah.

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