As a student and now when I am teaching …I have seen this often and thus,I am writing about it.

Many a times,when teachers teach young kids or teens,they avoid situations where they will be asked questions due to the fear that they might not know the answers.

What happens is with time,the kids stop asking and the questions remain unanswered.

We should encourage kids to ask questions,(i dont mean silly ones or to disturb the class) and even our teaching style should be one where the child thinks,reflects, questions.

From the point of view of a child,this will make the class interesting,help in better understanding of the topic . From the point of view of a teacher,this will ensure that the teacher prepares the lesson well,studies and understands and his/her concept should be clear.

If the situation arises,where you dont know something,why be embarassed or ashamed ? Rather you should tell the kids:
*”Only Allah is All-Knowing” and so this will make the child reflect on the Greatness of his Creator.
*”I will ask those who know more than me or look up and get back to you” and this is humility and a good example for them.

Avoiding questions,discouraging them from asking etc is not an option.

When Allah has given you the opportunity to teach,touch others lives,to be an example then why not make the most of it ? I understand and I know,it means a lot of hard work and preparation but if your intentions are good,you will be rewarded and as a teacher,your knowledge will also increase.

Alhamdulillah,it is a blessing to be a Muslim as we have guidelines in the Quran and Sunnah and a role model-Prophet Muhammad pbuh..

It is indeed a blessing to be a teacher,where I get to interact and touch the lives of innocent hearts and minds. Alhamdulillah,the satisfaction and the pleasure I get,cant be described in words.

May Allah Guide us all.May Allah Help us to be role models for others,to bring positive change in others and help them to develop their talents and grow closer to Allah and become good,obedient slaves of His. Ameen

(Alhamdulillah,for the teachers who made me love certain subjects like
*Shazia api,in Burooj-Islamic studies,
*Prof.Illora Sen-botany,
*Ms.Swagata-biology tution teacher)
*Mrs.Mishra-hindi )


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