In life,you have to make big sacrifices,if you want to achieve something big,that which appears impossible.

Have you ever thought about the fact that when you sacrifice for people,loved ones or strangers you might be let down,have heartaches,depression etc and this can be seen around you.

But when you sacrifice for the Sake of Allah,there is a guaranteed return as we see in the case of the Sahabahs.

Look at the example of Abu Bakr Siddique r.a- he sacrificed his life and wealth for Allah,Muadh ibn Jabal r.a.-sacrificed his youth and worldly stuff that youth get attracted to and what they desire,Abu Darda r.a.-sacrificed his wealth. I am also reminded of a sahabi who sacrificed for Allah and went to fight after his marriage to a woman he liked was finalized,and he was martyred. And there are many more examples.

Subhanallah ! These people sacrificed for the Sake of Allah and they were guaranteed a return.

My dear young sisters and brothers in Islam,Sacrifice..Sacrifice for the Sake of Allah.

Allah has given you youth,energy,talents,education,ISLAM ! Utilize that for growing closer to Him,to earn His Pleasure,to benefit the Ummah.

Sacrifice all you have for His Sake and He will reward you,in sha Allah.

Work hard and strive to bring change,take initiatives. Do not be afraid. If Allah is with you,you cant lose and no one can harm you.

Have a Vision. You are on a Mission. You are youth with a Mission. Let your role model be Muhammad pbuh,you Guide Quran and Sunnah,your motivation-pleasure of Allah and Jannah !


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