Alhamdulillah,it is Allah’s Mercy and it is with His Help that we can talk peacefully and have interesting discussions and work with our sisters and brothers in faith,with those who may be following different schools of thought.

I thank Allah for giving me the blessing and the opportunity to learn from Islamic Online University, the subject of Fiqh. I often hear people around me talking about the fights,the hatred,the disunity in the Ummah..that a certain masjid allows people of a certain school of thought etc. But as I am learning,understanding and discussing with people,I enjoy and am learning to respect the differences that exist,Alhamdulillah. The only thing thats very wrong is shirk followed by biddah.

We have to make a sincere effort to unite the Ummah and stop arguing and fighting about madhabs. Really !

Sh.Bilal Philips said it beautifully that when you are following or trying to follow a certain madhab,we should keep in mind that who we are trying to follow is the madhab of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and this imam or scholar or those before him, were trying to help you arrive at the madhab of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

May Allah Guide us all and make us of those who unite the Ummah. Ameen


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