Change will come

Change will come,in sha Allah. Alhamdulillah,for all the incidents,people and situations that motivate,inspire and encourage us.

* A sister messaged me: “Assalaam alaikum.
Wanted to ask in vlcc building where the islamic classes are held.. Can someone collectively donate sliding door and ac for the comfort of all ppl studying there..”

*A sister who teaches my sister Maths,asked me if any madarsah or orphanage needed a teacher for free. She is wanting to serve our community this way by helping our girls who cant study due to financial problems or lack good tutors etc. Ma sha Allah,she is willing to teach 5 days or weekend,whatever is good for them.

So good to see us, Muslims wanting to help our brothers and sisters in faith. Ma sha Allah.

After my exams in June,in sha Allah,I will think about plan B-education of muslim girls and women.

My dearest sisters in Kolkata,who are willing to teach the subject they understand or are good at..please let me know which subject,class and days you are free..

It is Allah’s Mercy and Blessing that we are educated. Let us utilize our talents,intelligence,what we are good at, to earn His Pleasure,for the benefit of the Ummah. Education has a big role to play in the progress and upliftment of a community.

May Allah Help us all. Ameen.

Jazakumullahu khairan.


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