Sleep a blessing !

Whenever I get extremely tired,I realize the blessing of sleep that Allah has given us. We feel so fresh and active and all the stress,pain and tiredness disappears,Alhamdulillah.

It might seem funny to write an article on sleeping. But think about this,an average person spends around eight hours of a 24-hour day asleep. That is a third of a person’s lifetime.

Allah describes sleep as a blessing from Him. He says in the Qur’an:

“And We made your sleep a rest for you.”
[ Surah an-Naba’ : 9]

“And remember when He made slumber fall upon you as a reassurance from Him.”
[ Surah al-Anfal : 11]

“It is Allah who has made the night for you, that you may rest therein, and the days as that which helps you to see. Verily Allah is full of grace and bounty to humanity, yet most people give no thanks.”
[ Surah Ghafir : 61]

A sleeping person drifts away from his consciousness and reason, only to be fully restored to his rational faculties upon waking, refreshed and revitalized.

A sleeping person can see the strangest and most amazing things, things that a waking person could never possibly see. Our ability to dream is another of Allah’s blessings, and another sign of His greatness.

We can appreciate the importance of sleep if we consider that Allah guided His Messenger (peace be upon him) regarding the etiquettes of sleeping, like being in a state of purity and lying on his right side.

Our generation is sometimes accused of being “the sleeping generation”. Most of us certainly do not need to sleep more than we already do. Nevertheless, we must respect our need to sleep by observing the etiquettes and approaches to sleep that will maximise the benefit that we get from it. This, in turn, helps us manage stress and makes our waking hours more productive.

It is a mistake to dismiss the importance of sleep. We all need it.

In order to sleep better, we should first relax a bit. We need to unwind from the pressures, worries, and distresses of the day. We need to end the day on a note of forgiveness and with a few moments of tenderness with our families. We need to recite our remembrances of Allah and rid our hearts of all our animosities. We should not lay our heads down on our pillows with resentfulness in our hearts and angry thoughts in our minds.

We should make our last thoughts of the day positive ones by thanking Allah for giving us life,for all the good things to encourage and motivate us and for the negative things,the lessons we learn from them. This will help us to appreciate Allah’s Favours upon us and make us grateful slaves of His. And when we are grateful,Allah will bless us with more good,in sha Allah.

May Allah make us of those who reflect upon His Signs,those who appreciate and are thankful to Allah for the blessings,He has bestowed upon us. Ameen


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