Miracles happen

I believe and I bear witness that there is only One True God,Allah. And indeed,He is the Best of Planners.
What I heard today and whats going to happen cant be a coincidence.
My C.U. Exams are from 26th May and my iou,b.a.i.s around 20th may and I was worried about that as I was occupied with other things and wasnt getting much time to study. All I did was prayed and had faith Allah will find a way and make everything perfect and guess what ? Alhamdulillah,my school will close much earlier and the events I had planned can be held in June. Alhamdulillah !
Alhamdulillah ! Allah is Great. This has only made my belief and faith in Allah firm.
This also made me reflect upon the fact that this happens with all of us and yet there are those who deny His existence,worship other Gods when it is Allah who answers the call,the prayer of the one in distress ! Know that only Allah can Help you.