A womans life goals

We often think about career goals but have we ever thought about life goals ? And by that I mean what we want to achieve as human beings for our own personal growth and for the society ?

We should be focused and have a vision and that too from the youth stage so that we can live a productive,fulfilling and successful life.

This status is going to be from the viewpoint of a female. I know of women who have life goals,who want to achieve greater and difficult things in life,who want to sacrifice their life for the cause of Allah,who are willing to struggle and are determined to fight against evil but in the society we live in,it is not always possible for such women.

They might get married outside city or abroad or stopped from doing such things as the family thinks its not an honorable thing to do or she wont be allowed due to other reasons. To do something for the society,to be a social reformer,one needs to be established and work in the same place for a considerable duration then only change can come. Connections and sources are made after effort and its all becomes a waste.

Men who are married or might get married to such women need to understand and make compromises as that will be rewarding for them too,if its for the Sake of Allah. By that I dont mean that men should give up their jobs etc but what I mean is if the job can be transferred to that city or similar jobs can be found.

I know that a lot of men are going to be offended and some egoistic people will take it all wrong. I dont mean all men should do that but if the case is like that,then even men need to think and look ahead and act accordingly.

This should be done not for selfish reasons but for the Sake of Allah.
May Allah make it easy for such women and for men too. Ameen


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