Library thoughts

Alhamdulillah,I volunteered to help in the library,I was a part of 6 years back. Reminded me of the time I was a library squad member in school days. While I was arranging the books and mending the torn,dirty ones..

I thought just like these books are in a mess and need repairing,the world is in a mess. We are Muslims and we have to go out and do the mending,with Allah’s Help.

Whether it is picking up the wrapper on the ground or planting that sapling or removing the stone or harmful thing on the road or helping clean up a place..whether it is helping and consoling a person who is sad,depressed,heartbroken, is our duty !

Let us be active. Let us fix all problems..ourselves and the world with the Solution of Islam,in sha Allah ! May Allah Help us. Ameen.



Alhamdulillah ! Allah is Great ! Today morning I gave my Fiqh Iou midterm exam and I realized and I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to apply during dawah to 2 young enthusiastic reflecting girls. They had so many questions,ma sha Allah. May Allah Guide them. Ameen.


*Why am I here ? What is the Purpose of Creation ?
( i used the new “whats ur goal” approach,relating it to football)
*Gender equality
*gender roles We also discussed about dressing of each.
*Who is God ?
(the Surah Ikhlas test )
* Quran is the word of God.
*The Hereafter
*They loved the hadith about how Allah rewards us 10 times or more and only 1 sin recorded when we act on it. One of them said,I wish our teachers gave us 10 points for the correct things and minus 1 for wrong,it would be an encouragement to do more good. They were impressed with the hadith.

Overall,Alhamdulillah,they were satisfied and happy with the answers and it made sense to them. Their view on many things had changed and I told them what I shared was from Islamic perspective. Allah Helped me recall and share.

I am grateful to Allah that I got this opportunity and for the blessing that I am a Muslim and we have the solution of Islam for all problems. I thank Allah for Burooj,IOU and Shazia api. May Allah bless and reward the team. Ameen

I did my duty,I tried my best. It is Allah Who Guides. May Allah Guide me,the 2 girls and all of you. Ameen

Allah is Great and Our Deen Islam is Beautiful .

Love Islam

As time passes by and Alhamdulillah,as I am learning more about Islam..I believe that the world and its laws has made life difficult for human beings and Subhanallah Islam is beautiful and so is compatible with human nature..! It is the religion of God and a way of life,truly ! Subhanallah. I truly feel blessed that Allah made me a Muslim.
May Allah Guide us and keep our hearts steadfast upon His Deen. May Allah make us live and die as Muslims. Ameen

Youth activity

Youth activity-image of a woman

What is ur view,opinion,thoughts about the way women r treatd generally.Any experiences,advise,solutions u have n wud like to share

With all due respect sister . I just hav one thing to say that we need to change the mind of the children specially the youth towards women in the society … they should respect all the women in the same way they respect their own mother sisters daughters. Until and unless we don’t teach and preach this nothing will help. Movies , pornography … items songs r one side …. I hav gt to knw frm one of my relative who is working in islamic country and there he was crossing the road and he saw women wearing hijab naqab and abaya and callibg men for massage …. he was shocked. He recite La haul wala quwat and went away. This is the scenario of the islamic city. Its quite shocking for me as well as for everyone . A very bad site of those kind of cities.
I agree with u that the change should b from within … until and unless we dnt correct ourselves we cannot ask others to do so.
What was more shocking for me is atleast the women who r in these profession should not wear abaya atleast . I dnt knw whether I m right or not bt atleast I think its an insult .
Correct me if my thoughts r wrong sister

Its true that unfortunately womens are feeling proud when someone calls them”item girl” or something like that. Its not worth it! We’ve to protect ourselves from evil no one is going to do it for us. First women wear such clothes or dress that way so that others are attracted but when the worst things like rape happen then who should be blamed first that time. Its obvious that when the intention was to attract others then the result is quite obvious.

I agree with u that we should dress according to respect our ownself. But the males need to be educated and even should be taught to respect women .
We have seen rape cases of 3 years old girl
Small innocent girls r getting raped by their own family members.
Its a shame… until and unless the thoughts wont b changed nothing can change

Yes its true but what I mean is that it is the duity of both. We need to follow Allah un any way

What I mean to say unfortunately people think that hijab is only for women but Allah has described it for males first then to the women

& hijab just not mean only covering but it consist hijab of eyes, ears,walking and many things

When they see other women …. but unfortunately I hav seen many men who ask their wives and daughters to wear hijab and do parda and they themselves roam and look at other women

And very sadly saying even at home a girl child is Ma sha Allah educated about hjab while they fail to teach the same to a boy child

Exactly …. the boys need to b educated first and even the girls ..

Hijab nowadays hav become fashion which was once only to cover ur body and protect urself…. I see people wearing hijab which attract other women forget about males

I m not myself perfect but i m trying my best everyday…. my point iswe all need to become more like a practising muslimah rather than just a talking muslim… and its applied for both men and women.

If we r talking about how women should b dressed we should also bring the topic of educating the males of all ages to respect women … this topic should also b brought into limelight.

If only one side will b doing their best and the other side dnt even gv a bit to improve themselves than its useless to even talk about it.

Yes thats what we see today that so much talk going about women hijab and its good Ma Sha Allah but the brothers should also be taught about their obligation


To my brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity,

To all those who have forgotten..
Forgotten that only Allah..
Allah alone has the right to be worshipped..

Brothers and sisters,it is time to remind you and myself first that the very reason why you and I were created,the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah alone..

The reason the Great battles were fought,the Sahabah’s were martyred,lives and wealth sacrificed-was to uphold Monotheism,belief in Allah,the One True God..without assosciating any partners with Him,to obey Him and His destroy shirk,polytheism.

The Ummah,the world has forgotten that..

To those who worship and glorify Prophet Muhammad pbuh,Prophet Uzair pbuh,Prophet Jesus pbuh,Ali r.a,Hussain r.a and other pious men..

What did the prophets,Ali r.a,Hussain r.a,the pious men do ? They worshipped and obeyed Allah,the One True God.

Then why,why should we worship and obey anyone besides Allah.

Allah says in the Quran do not assosciate partners with Me in worship.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said do not make the graves of prophets places of worship.

We call ourselves Muslims,one who submits to Allah’s Will and says,”we hear and we obey” Allah and His Messenger..

And here we are-not obeying Allah(assosciating partners with Him) and not obeying His Messenger (not following Sunnah,making him and others Gods)

We say the Shahadah-
La ilaha illallah,Muhammadur Rasulullah.(There is no God except Allah and Muhammad pbuh is the Messenger of Allah) but we do not testify with our actions and words.

You still sing praises for other than Allah,
you still glorify other than Allah,
you still call upon other than Allah,
you still obey other than Allah.

You know when I hear chants,praises for someone other than Allah,it makes me sad,really sad !

Coz I start thinking about why we were created,what Prophet Muhammad pbuh would worry about,why Islam came..

Allah says in the Quran,He Created man and Jinn to worship Him alone.

Allah Created you,
Allah Provides for you,
and here you are rejecting,disobeying Allah and He still Provides,He still Gives !

You call upon other than Allah as your Lord and yet,yet He Gives !
What Mercy,What Grace,Glorified is He !

Brothers and Sisters..
Think about Allah,your Lord and my Lord..
The One Who Created me,you and our parents,

Who Created the Sky as a roof above you,the mountains to give stability to the Earth..

Who Created the water to keep you alive,the crops to nourish you,the animals to make your work easy..

Who sent the rain to Provide you with relief,Who Created the Sun to provide warmth and light..

Who Created the heavens with stars as adornments and to give you idea of direction..

Allah gave you eyes to see the beauty of His Creation,the ears to listen to sounds of birds and people you love,the nose to breathe in Oxygen that keeps you alive,the mouth to speak and glorify Him,the limbs to move,feed yourself,make things easy,to worship Him ..

He gave you a brain to let you respond, reflect on His Creation,analyse,observe..
He gave you a heart to feel the beauty of His Creation,to feel His Love Him and to love for His Sake..

Allah gave you everything

and you say:
“I do not believe in God.”
you say:
“Allah is not my God.”
you say:
“Allah doesnt love me and doesnt give me anything !”

How ungrateful we are and how Great He is !

May Allah Help us to submit to His Will,obey Him and His Messenger.Aameen

Dont be angry when abused

There is this tendency among a lot of people..they want to argue or pick a fight or criticize or abuse (and it gets too much when the f word is used esp by youth). May Allah Guide them. It could be related to politics,religion,relationships and anything else. May Allah Guide them. Ameen

My focus is on whether to react and how to react. The answer lies in the video I watched and shared by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. And believe me,it has helped a great deal,Alhamdulillah.

The verse in the Quran :
“And when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with ‘Salamaa’ (peaceful words of gentleness).” (Qur’an, 25:63)

Ustadh Nouman explains that when such people address you,be calm and say Salam. He shared 2 incidents. One when he was in a meeting with a masjid committee and an Arab man came and questioned him that he teaches Arabic ! The man gave him a napkin and told him to write the alphabets and he wrote english alphabets lol. That same night in the masjid,he was asked to give a talk on importance of Arabic and that Arab brother was seated in the first row !

Second,when he was in itekaf and he was sleeping and an elderly man kicked him in the stomach,he got up and instead of saying something,he later chatted with him and recited the Quran in front of him.

Ustadh Nouman said even when you are right and there is an argument or someone is angry or abuses- say Salam very calmly even if its not your mistake. “Ok,that was my fault,sorry.”

We should behave in a similar manner with parents,kids,spouse. Be the first one to calm down and make peace.

Also,when people try to hurt us by using harsh words,reply in a way that will take the other person by surprise as they might not have expected you to be that calm.

Be calm. Be good to all. That would be excellent dawah and that is Islam.

May Allah help us to remember that when we deal with people, our transactions are actually with Him and not His creation. As such, may awareness of His presence (ihsan) bring goodness from our speech and character during times of difficulty as well as ease.Ameen.

Election results and arguments among us

My dearest sisters and brothers in Islam,

Whether it is BJP or AAP or Congress..As Muslims we should know that everything happens by the Will of Allah.. This is Qadr that Modi will be the P.M.

You and I dont have control over these things. Allah does.We did what we could,we exercised our right to vote.

And no matter what happens-Modi,Congress,AAP.. or Israeli P.M’s,Bush,Cameroon…no matter who it is..the Religion of Allah cant be defeated.

People can kill Muslims but cant destroy our Eeman,in sha Allah and the Deen of Allah will be victorious.

And we as muslims have to think about bigger and more important things than discussing and fearing Modi.

We have to trust Allah and do our part..we have to be united and not fight and argue amongst ourselves. We have to stand up against injustice done against Muslims and mankind because Allah says in the Quran that we are the best nation who enjoins good and forbids evil.. We have to fight injustice and corruption together..and for this we have to be united and love each other for His Sake.

Do not argue and fight with each other over this. We are all sisters and brothers and it is shaytan who wants disunity amongst us..he is the enemy.

May Allah keep us united and together we have to change the world,in sha Allah.

Purdah of eyes only ?

I remember talking to a sister,who said purdah sirf aankho ka hota hai and there is no covering of body in Islam. Allahu Akbar !

I shared the evidence from Quran,
“And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or sisters’ sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigor, or children who know naught of women’s nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. ”

“O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them . That will be better, that so they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran,ch.59)

Subhanallah ! The verse in the Quran explains and is an evidence and yet the argument !

Once again,we realize the importance of Ilm,knowledge and why the 1st word revealed was Iqra,Read !

May Allah increase our knowledge. Ameen

15th may LER

Alhamdulillah,today was such an interesting day. I went to pick up my sisters from school and ended up meeting 5 to 6 girls. Alhamdulillah,a lot of positive things happened:

*Met a junior who was in the same school as me,she started wearing hijab and has changed so much for the better,Ma sha Allah. Her confidence and pride of being a muslimah,made me so happy. May Allah Guide her and keep her steadfast. Ameen

*An enthusiastic Muslim youth,telling me how hard she tried to do something to keep her area clean and it didnt work and how upset she was. But she said,I will keep doing even if no one does. We shared incidents of the past. I told her about my projects and she wants to be a part of them,Alhamdulillah.May Allah Help her to channelize her energy,talent and youth to serve Him. Ameen

Alhamdulillah,this gave me hope and I have faith in Allah,change will come,in sha Allah.

Just remember to do your part well,be sincere and be a carrier of positivity and be optimistic. If Allah is with you,anything is possible and you will be victorious,in sha Allah.
Allah is Great !

One family.One society.One Ummah

Parivar mein ekta hogi to samaj aur ummat mein ekta hogi,in sha Allah.

I was reminded of a hindi poem I had studied in Class 10. The lines I remembered,meant that when a family is united,the society and the nation will be united.

We think of uniting the society,the Ummah when there are fights,when there is disunity in the family.

We see devranis and jethanis and nanads quarrelling,having arguments when the kids fight over toys or while playing,or they try to outdo each other and also try to show how smart they are and how bad the other one is. We see brothers quarrelling over a building,a piece of land,inheritance issues.

We see and are a part of these things that are insignificant,that cause harm,cause disunity in the family.

We get so worried,depressed about these things when there are other important issues to be addressed.

When such things happen,we should keep a few things in mind :

*When its about jethanis and devranis and nanads,they are your sisters in Islam too. Overlook and forgive their mistakes. Be good to them and that would be dawah to them. Have a big heart and teach your kids to have a big heart. Forgive and Love them for the Sake of Allah.

*When its about brothers quarrelling over business,inheritance,again treat them as brothers in blood and faith. Forgive and Love them for the Sake of Allah. If you are the eldest,be extra good and you will be a role model and it would be dawah to them.

*If you lose something materialistic in the duniya,never mind.Allah will give you bigger and better things in the Akhirah.

*When it is about dealing with mother and father in law,treat them like your parents. If you did something wrong and your parents had corrected or pointed out,you would call it love and care and appreciate it.Treat them like your parents and they will treat you like their daughter/son.
If they dont,still be good. Your reward is with Allah.He knows what you do and what is in your heart.Never mind if people misinterpret and are bent on misunderstanding you.

If the family is united,then it can work together and address bigger,important issues of the society,the world. But what happens with us is we are so occupied with small,silly family issues that we dont have the time to think,the energy to address important issues.

May Allah Guide us all. May Allah give us the heart to forgive and Love everyone for His Sake.

If you want to unite the Ummah,take up the challenge and make a sincere effort to unite the family you are a part of. If you can do that and with that experience,you will be able to unite the society,the Ummah,in sha Allah.