Few lessons

Today,I learnt a few things and I am sharing my reflections with you all.

1.It is not right to compare 2 individuals as each one is unique. If the comparison is done,it will lead to jealousy,hatred,inferiority complex in 1 group and show off,arrogance,superiority complex in the other.

We see this happening in families,when parents compare 2 kids. What happens is,even in childhood and even when they grow up,they develop a hatred,enemity towards each other.

We also see this in workplaces..where the authority or boss compares the workers and it leads to jealousy,hatred among the colleagues.

Rarely does this happen that the thoughts are shared and discussed. Otherwise,it can be dangerous !

The reason why 2 people shouldnt be compared is because each individual is unique..they have a different upbringing,education,environment,situations in life,past events and experiences. It is just not correct.

Rather each individual should be appreciated for their uniqueness,for the talents they possess and for their contribution. Everyone has a role to play and what one can do,the other cant do with similar perfection.

2. It helps when you apply Islam in your life. For instance,you are in a situation where you are not sure what to do and it concerns a lot of people and suddenly a verse from the Quran,a hadith or an incident from Seerah or the life of the Sahabah’s comes to your mind and with Allah’s Help you can implement it.

Recently,I was in such a situation. All of a sudden,an incident from the Seerah,treaty of Hudaybiyah,came to my mind, I had studied that as a Burooj student and when I implemented it with Allah’s Help,it helped.

*it was dawah to my seniors.
*my colleagues developed a greater interest in Islam.
*i was explaining to them how practical and relevant Islam is.
*leadership example
*it proved to be beneficial for the party implementing it and for those on the receiving end,Alhamdulillah.

3. We often fight against injustices outside our homes and talk about it etc but we forget or become lazy when we have to fight against injustice inside our homes. In fact,if you do that at home,it would be more effective and specially for the siblings and those younger than you. Also,you might be opposed,criticized initially but people will respect you,trust you. You have to be a role model,a reformer at home first and then outside. That will be a greater challenge and success.

4.Just goes on to show how beautiful,relevant,practical and perfect ISLAM is ! Subhanallah ! Proud to be a Muslim.I believe ISLAM is the SOLUTION for All Problems.

5. If we try to apply logic,philosophies and personal opinions all the time then it might lead to problems,we can pass wrong judgements,take wrong decisions and create problems rather than solutions.

But if we keep making an effort to learn about the perfect Deen of Allah,life can be beautiful,simple,successful. We dont have to worry too much as with the right knowledge we will have the right attitude towards life and our decisions will be effective and successful and our efforts will bear fruit,in sha Allah.


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