Thinking about the people who made a difference in my life as a student.. I realized 1 teacher atleast in each
school/college made an impact on my life. Alhamdulillah !

Ms.Kavita Mehta in Nur and Class 1,Ms.Shormila in Class 3,Mrs.Chaturvedi in Class 9 and 10,Mrs.Dutt in Class 10,Ms.Banerji in Class 11 and 12,Mrs.S.Chakraborty and Mrs.Rakshit in Class 12,Dr.Illora Sen in Burooj,Shazia api.

I thank Allah sincerely for these wonderful people in my life.They encouraged,motivated,supported me. They had more faith and trust in me than I had in myself.

Today,when I am in different situations,I realize the importance of what they taught me.

In class 10,Mrs.Chaturvedi did for me what Mr.Higgins did to Eliza..the badge she gave me “that was the beginning of self-confidence for me”. She inspired me and told me to never stop improving and to never give up.
She told me : “dear,always be an asset to the society,never a liability.”

In class 12,Ms.Banerji “taught me to think”,made me a reflecting individual..that is when I started thinking about a lot of stuff..Alhamdulillah.. I began to enjoy writing and during exams,I would have that moment of inspiration when writing eng lang and lit paper.. I remembr the 2 essays I wrote-Faith (Final school exam,she read out in class . Her comment: examples after examples after examples of faith…) and Inspiration (in ICSE).

The interesting dawah conversations and on life with Mrs.S.Chakraborty.

In college.Dr.Illora Sen..she was the only one who told me : follow your heart. Do what you are born to do. Never mind what people say. You have to get the essence of the subject not the matter. Nothing is a waste. I shared my dreams and goal with her and she supported me and advised me. I would often discuss reflections on botany with her and she would share with me.

In Burooj,Shazia api gave me the most important thing I needed and I realize that today ..the interest and love for my Deen. She gave me the things I needed ,that Islamic touch to my personality and that gave me confidence to do dawah,Alhamdulillah.

I pray Allah Guides them and me and may Allah make me motivated for His Sake. May Allah make me an agent of positive change and Help me to inspire others as they inspired me.May Allah make me an asset to this Ummah. Ameen


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