Doing good

Be an opportunist,who races towards seeking the Pleasure of Allah. Once you have that attitude,you will always lookout for ways of doing good deeds,everywhere.

If you are at home,you will want to bring water for guests or do khidmat of the elders or help or play with kids. If you are in school or college,you will want to help teachers or students even if its just by carrying books or giving water to your friends.

If you are visiting someone,you will want to do dawah or offer to take the tray if an elderly lady has it. If you are in a social gathering,you will want to do a bit more work or make things easy for others. If you go for Umrah/Hajj,you will want to serve zamzam to the females or help them do wudu by pressing the tap or push the wheel chair of someone old during tawaf or sa’ee..

If you are on the road and you see poor people,you will want to buy food and give them. If you visit an orphanage or old age home,you will want to talk to them and make them smile. If you are with people who are sad or depressed,no matter of what age,you will try your best to console.

If you have this attitude,the hesitation and doubts will disappear,in sha Allah and all the time your mind will be working that way-finding ways to do good.

When you make up your mind to do good,Allah Helps you by making it easy for you and makes doing more good deeds easy for you. Subhanallah ! Allah is so Great and Merciful that He gives us opportunities to do good. And sometimes,it might bring criticism from people and there might be difficulties. Dont worry and dont give up. Seek Allah’s Help.

Challenges will always be there. And honestly without challenges and difficulties,life would be monotonous,there wouldnt be any means of becoming better,no means of learning new things,no means of gaining experiences. It is these challenges that should make you more determined,to persevere,to help others in whatever way possible and to be an example to others.

May Allah make us opportunists who race towards Seeking His Pleasure. May Allah make doing good deeds easy for us. May Allah purify our intentions and keep our heart steadfast upon His Deen. Ameen


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