The 3 Reflections

Alhamdulillah,such an interesting and beautiful day today !

*As much as I enjoy being among people,I enjoy the solitude especially when amidst nature…Sitting on the grass and looking around…squirrels jumping from one branch to the other and from one tree to other,parrots making noise and flying in a flock,cooing of the cuckoo birds,insects crawling on the ground,beautiful colored flowers facing sunlight,fruits hanging from trees…gentle breeze blowing in the hot summer season..Beautiful ! The scene made me reflect on Allah’s perfect and beautiful.. Subhanallah !

*My discomfort in shopping and in malls. Such a waste of time,energy and wealth. Sometimes to keep your loved ones happy,you can do it esp if your parents insist for your company. All the time there,I preferred staying outside the shops with my brother.. I feared lest the temptation to buy things I didnt need. Few years ago, I loved the accessories,clothing,footwear,shopping,makeup etc ..This is not for show off or to give up worldly things. My point is try not to hoard too much of what the wants are. In my opinion,it is better to have what we need and little of what we want. Greed is bad,you’ll never be satisfied. Honestly,I wonder why people buy the most expensive and fashionable stuff when your need can be met with less. Why not save that extra to fulfill the needs of others ? Also the fear of missing salah,the environment and the atmosphere is such that it tempts you ! May Allah protect us.
May Allah Guide us all. Ameen

*As my car was stuck in the traffic,I notice a boy coming towards us,selling balloons. It made me happy and I wanted to buy one. I was glad he was making an effort to earn while most kids beg. Elders told me that the balloon costs less why buy? I said atleast he is making an effort to earn and it would be an encouragement and I bought one.

Alhamdulillah,so many positive things in life.. Allah’s Creation is beautiful ! We are weak and we err but when we make dua and ask Allah to Help,He can transform us. Inspite of the negativity around,Let us be optimists,in sha Allah,as a believer is always optimistic.


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