Racism in speech

It is indeed sad to see and hear Muslims (one who submits to Allah’s Will,one who enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil) saying hurtful,abusive,mocking speech about other communities. Jokes on Punjabi,Bihari and others are so silly and not funny,please ! Those who say such things..know that it doesnt reflect good about you.
What pleasure do these people get by laughing at others ? It angers me,makes me sad and I always wonder,what makes people say such things. I mean,come on,we are Muslims. We are to enjoin good,forbid the evil..we have to unite the masses and bring change..
All the practises in Islam: praying salah ,Hajj and others -reflect brotherhood and we can see from the Sunnah that skin color,community,race was never an issue,never a priority in anything. (whether in terms of education,marriage,etc)
Unfortunately,we have forgotten that,forgotten what Allah commanded us,forgotten what our last and beloved Prophet Muhammad taught and practised.
Sisters and brothers,pleaseplease do not indulge in such hurtful abusive speech nor crack jokes nor promote such useless,silly,harmful stuff..that cause disunity in the Ummah. Our Lord is Allah and we follow the Quran and the sunnah of last and final Messenger,Muhammad pbuh.
Bihari,Gujrati,Punjabi,Kashmiri,Maharastran,Arabs,Sayyeds,Khans,Ansaris..and all others-we are all one,our Rabb is One i.e.Allah and our religion is one i.e. Islam and our role model Muhammad pbuh.
Let us unite and enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil and let us not hurt each other in any way but rather defend each other,want the best for each other and make dua for each other. May Allah bless you all and grant you all goodness in both worlds. May Allah Guide us all. Ameen


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