Fight against racism

Alhamdulillah,it so good to see so many young people,Muslims and non Muslims,fighting against this discrimination based on community,race,regions,skin color etc.

I had a lot of interesting discussions on this topic with people my age and younger and older..mostly in college-Muslims,Marwaris,Gujratis,Punjabis,Bengalis and others.

This was the uniting factor-fight against discrimination.

Few points that I can remember :
* People are so proud of their culture,community,nationality and they begin to look down upon others.
* Elders,mostly, have the concern that what will the society say.
* People of our community cant be bad. Eg. Parents would consider a boy or a girl from the other community bad even though he might be very good. The boy of their community ,no matter how bad he may be, is considered good by them.
*Friendship,marriage etc should be based on the character and piety of a person.

And what was amazing Subhanallah about the conversations with these people,was their determination to try to stop and change it. Also their hatred for such a useless thing.

If an elder was to read this status,he/she would definitely say : “ye na samajh nawjawan kia karenge ? Duniya kitni kharab hai. Duniya aisi hi hai. Kuch nahi badlega. Inko kia pata duniya ke niyam kaise hain ?”

Dear young people,the fact that you dislike it in your heart and you expressed it in words,in itself is a big step towards change.

The next step is Action:to try and stop it and change it at whatever level and whenever possible,in sha Allah.

People will criticize you,call you things and put barriers,they might even make plans.

You might get disheartened and think of giving up the struggle,the fight. Dont !

Know that when Allah is with you,you cant lose,in sha Allah. Even though people will plan,know that Allah is the Best of Planners. How hard people will try and they will fail..and this will happen when you are very determined to stop it,when you Seek the Help of Allah,the Almighty,when you make dua to Him.

Dear young people, Be strong and dont lose focus.

And just incase,you dont see immediate results,if you have been consistent,focused and worked will see results one day,in sha Allah.

Know that nothing is impossible for Allah. Work hard,strive and have faith in Him.

May Allah give us the strength to stand up against discrimination,injustices and evils. Ameen


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