Be the solution

Before you complain think about what you are doing to stop the problem. If you aren’t doing anything then you are part of the problem too-you are aware/you have,you dont share and do anything with that.

Complaining about Ignorance,lack of education but you are not spreading awareness about education or not doing anything to promote education..

Complaining about poverty but you are only fulfilling your needs (good enough and then wants and desires ) and you dont care for the hungry,the poor and the needy..

For everything,Ask Allah for Help,Do your best,Ask Allah to Help you and be a part of the solution rather than complaining or being a part of the problem.

Complaining wont solve the problem but playing your part and doing your bit will make a difference no matter how small it might appear.

The good deeds are never wasted if done for the Sake of Allah and if you do your best and leave the rest to Allah.

May Allah Help us to be people of action,to be among those who work hard to be the change and to bring change. May Allah Help us to work hard and do our best in everything and to do things to earn His Pleasure. May Allah Help us to purify our intentions. May Allah make us assets to the community,the society,the world and not liabilities. Ameen


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