Help of Allah

Subhanallah ! The Help of Allah comes in ways you cant even imagine.

You just have to make the right intention and take that 1st step,that initiative and keep asking Him for Help and Guidance.

And Allah makes way where there seems to be no way.

You will get the courage to stand up,face challenges,even certain people will help you to achieve the goals.

Initially many people will criticize but with time,you will see and get the support of people,who will aid you in achieving that goal,with Allah’s Help.

Do not be afraid. Stand up for the truth. Struggle and fight against evil and injustices.

May Allah make doing good deeds easy for us.May Allah Help us so that we enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. Ameen


Few lessons

Today,I learnt a few things and I am sharing my reflections with you all.

1.It is not right to compare 2 individuals as each one is unique. If the comparison is done,it will lead to jealousy,hatred,inferiority complex in 1 group and show off,arrogance,superiority complex in the other.

We see this happening in families,when parents compare 2 kids. What happens is,even in childhood and even when they grow up,they develop a hatred,enemity towards each other.

We also see this in workplaces..where the authority or boss compares the workers and it leads to jealousy,hatred among the colleagues.

Rarely does this happen that the thoughts are shared and discussed. Otherwise,it can be dangerous !

The reason why 2 people shouldnt be compared is because each individual is unique..they have a different upbringing,education,environment,situations in life,past events and experiences. It is just not correct.

Rather each individual should be appreciated for their uniqueness,for the talents they possess and for their contribution. Everyone has a role to play and what one can do,the other cant do with similar perfection.

2. It helps when you apply Islam in your life. For instance,you are in a situation where you are not sure what to do and it concerns a lot of people and suddenly a verse from the Quran,a hadith or an incident from Seerah or the life of the Sahabah’s comes to your mind and with Allah’s Help you can implement it.

Recently,I was in such a situation. All of a sudden,an incident from the Seerah,treaty of Hudaybiyah,came to my mind, I had studied that as a Burooj student and when I implemented it with Allah’s Help,it helped.

*it was dawah to my seniors.
*my colleagues developed a greater interest in Islam.
*i was explaining to them how practical and relevant Islam is.
*leadership example
*it proved to be beneficial for the party implementing it and for those on the receiving end,Alhamdulillah.

3. We often fight against injustices outside our homes and talk about it etc but we forget or become lazy when we have to fight against injustice inside our homes. In fact,if you do that at home,it would be more effective and specially for the siblings and those younger than you. Also,you might be opposed,criticized initially but people will respect you,trust you. You have to be a role model,a reformer at home first and then outside. That will be a greater challenge and success.

4.Just goes on to show how beautiful,relevant,practical and perfect ISLAM is ! Subhanallah ! Proud to be a Muslim.I believe ISLAM is the SOLUTION for All Problems.

5. If we try to apply logic,philosophies and personal opinions all the time then it might lead to problems,we can pass wrong judgements,take wrong decisions and create problems rather than solutions.

But if we keep making an effort to learn about the perfect Deen of Allah,life can be beautiful,simple,successful. We dont have to worry too much as with the right knowledge we will have the right attitude towards life and our decisions will be effective and successful and our efforts will bear fruit,in sha Allah.


Thinking about the people who made a difference in my life as a student.. I realized 1 teacher atleast in each
school/college made an impact on my life. Alhamdulillah !

Ms.Kavita Mehta in Nur and Class 1,Ms.Shormila in Class 3,Mrs.Chaturvedi in Class 9 and 10,Mrs.Dutt in Class 10,Ms.Banerji in Class 11 and 12,Mrs.S.Chakraborty and Mrs.Rakshit in Class 12,Dr.Illora Sen in Burooj,Shazia api.

I thank Allah sincerely for these wonderful people in my life.They encouraged,motivated,supported me. They had more faith and trust in me than I had in myself.

Today,when I am in different situations,I realize the importance of what they taught me.

In class 10,Mrs.Chaturvedi did for me what Mr.Higgins did to Eliza..the badge she gave me “that was the beginning of self-confidence for me”. She inspired me and told me to never stop improving and to never give up.
She told me : “dear,always be an asset to the society,never a liability.”

In class 12,Ms.Banerji “taught me to think”,made me a reflecting individual..that is when I started thinking about a lot of stuff..Alhamdulillah.. I began to enjoy writing and during exams,I would have that moment of inspiration when writing eng lang and lit paper.. I remembr the 2 essays I wrote-Faith (Final school exam,she read out in class . Her comment: examples after examples after examples of faith…) and Inspiration (in ICSE).

The interesting dawah conversations and on life with Mrs.S.Chakraborty.

In college.Dr.Illora Sen..she was the only one who told me : follow your heart. Do what you are born to do. Never mind what people say. You have to get the essence of the subject not the matter. Nothing is a waste. I shared my dreams and goal with her and she supported me and advised me. I would often discuss reflections on botany with her and she would share with me.

In Burooj,Shazia api gave me the most important thing I needed and I realize that today ..the interest and love for my Deen. She gave me the things I needed ,that Islamic touch to my personality and that gave me confidence to do dawah,Alhamdulillah.

I pray Allah Guides them and me and may Allah make me motivated for His Sake. May Allah make me an agent of positive change and Help me to inspire others as they inspired me.May Allah make me an asset to this Ummah. Ameen

Things for a reason and a season

Sometimes in life,the things that mattered earlier,stop mattering any more. Either because it doesnt help you grow become a better Muslim or doesnt help you grow closer to Allah or they were meant to be for a reason and a season.

Dont try to hang onto those things.They were meant to end or leave so that better things would come.

Do not grieve and trust Allah. Indeed,He is the Best of Planners.

Doing good

Be an opportunist,who races towards seeking the Pleasure of Allah. Once you have that attitude,you will always lookout for ways of doing good deeds,everywhere.

If you are at home,you will want to bring water for guests or do khidmat of the elders or help or play with kids. If you are in school or college,you will want to help teachers or students even if its just by carrying books or giving water to your friends.

If you are visiting someone,you will want to do dawah or offer to take the tray if an elderly lady has it. If you are in a social gathering,you will want to do a bit more work or make things easy for others. If you go for Umrah/Hajj,you will want to serve zamzam to the females or help them do wudu by pressing the tap or push the wheel chair of someone old during tawaf or sa’ee..

If you are on the road and you see poor people,you will want to buy food and give them. If you visit an orphanage or old age home,you will want to talk to them and make them smile. If you are with people who are sad or depressed,no matter of what age,you will try your best to console.

If you have this attitude,the hesitation and doubts will disappear,in sha Allah and all the time your mind will be working that way-finding ways to do good.

When you make up your mind to do good,Allah Helps you by making it easy for you and makes doing more good deeds easy for you. Subhanallah ! Allah is so Great and Merciful that He gives us opportunities to do good. And sometimes,it might bring criticism from people and there might be difficulties. Dont worry and dont give up. Seek Allah’s Help.

Challenges will always be there. And honestly without challenges and difficulties,life would be monotonous,there wouldnt be any means of becoming better,no means of learning new things,no means of gaining experiences. It is these challenges that should make you more determined,to persevere,to help others in whatever way possible and to be an example to others.

May Allah make us opportunists who race towards Seeking His Pleasure. May Allah make doing good deeds easy for us. May Allah purify our intentions and keep our heart steadfast upon His Deen. Ameen

The 3 Reflections

Alhamdulillah,such an interesting and beautiful day today !

*As much as I enjoy being among people,I enjoy the solitude especially when amidst nature…Sitting on the grass and looking around…squirrels jumping from one branch to the other and from one tree to other,parrots making noise and flying in a flock,cooing of the cuckoo birds,insects crawling on the ground,beautiful colored flowers facing sunlight,fruits hanging from trees…gentle breeze blowing in the hot summer season..Beautiful ! The scene made me reflect on Allah’s perfect and beautiful.. Subhanallah !

*My discomfort in shopping and in malls. Such a waste of time,energy and wealth. Sometimes to keep your loved ones happy,you can do it esp if your parents insist for your company. All the time there,I preferred staying outside the shops with my brother.. I feared lest the temptation to buy things I didnt need. Few years ago, I loved the accessories,clothing,footwear,shopping,makeup etc ..This is not for show off or to give up worldly things. My point is try not to hoard too much of what the wants are. In my opinion,it is better to have what we need and little of what we want. Greed is bad,you’ll never be satisfied. Honestly,I wonder why people buy the most expensive and fashionable stuff when your need can be met with less. Why not save that extra to fulfill the needs of others ? Also the fear of missing salah,the environment and the atmosphere is such that it tempts you ! May Allah protect us.
May Allah Guide us all. Ameen

*As my car was stuck in the traffic,I notice a boy coming towards us,selling balloons. It made me happy and I wanted to buy one. I was glad he was making an effort to earn while most kids beg. Elders told me that the balloon costs less why buy? I said atleast he is making an effort to earn and it would be an encouragement and I bought one.

Alhamdulillah,so many positive things in life.. Allah’s Creation is beautiful ! We are weak and we err but when we make dua and ask Allah to Help,He can transform us. Inspite of the negativity around,Let us be optimists,in sha Allah,as a believer is always optimistic.

Fight against racism

Alhamdulillah,it so good to see so many young people,Muslims and non Muslims,fighting against this discrimination based on community,race,regions,skin color etc.

I had a lot of interesting discussions on this topic with people my age and younger and older..mostly in college-Muslims,Marwaris,Gujratis,Punjabis,Bengalis and others.

This was the uniting factor-fight against discrimination.

Few points that I can remember :
* People are so proud of their culture,community,nationality and they begin to look down upon others.
* Elders,mostly, have the concern that what will the society say.
* People of our community cant be bad. Eg. Parents would consider a boy or a girl from the other community bad even though he might be very good. The boy of their community ,no matter how bad he may be, is considered good by them.
*Friendship,marriage etc should be based on the character and piety of a person.

And what was amazing Subhanallah about the conversations with these people,was their determination to try to stop and change it. Also their hatred for such a useless thing.

If an elder was to read this status,he/she would definitely say : “ye na samajh nawjawan kia karenge ? Duniya kitni kharab hai. Duniya aisi hi hai. Kuch nahi badlega. Inko kia pata duniya ke niyam kaise hain ?”

Dear young people,the fact that you dislike it in your heart and you expressed it in words,in itself is a big step towards change.

The next step is Action:to try and stop it and change it at whatever level and whenever possible,in sha Allah.

People will criticize you,call you things and put barriers,they might even make plans.

You might get disheartened and think of giving up the struggle,the fight. Dont !

Know that when Allah is with you,you cant lose,in sha Allah. Even though people will plan,know that Allah is the Best of Planners. How hard people will try and they will fail..and this will happen when you are very determined to stop it,when you Seek the Help of Allah,the Almighty,when you make dua to Him.

Dear young people, Be strong and dont lose focus.

And just incase,you dont see immediate results,if you have been consistent,focused and worked will see results one day,in sha Allah.

Know that nothing is impossible for Allah. Work hard,strive and have faith in Him.

May Allah give us the strength to stand up against discrimination,injustices and evils. Ameen

Racism in speech

It is indeed sad to see and hear Muslims (one who submits to Allah’s Will,one who enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil) saying hurtful,abusive,mocking speech about other communities. Jokes on Punjabi,Bihari and others are so silly and not funny,please ! Those who say such things..know that it doesnt reflect good about you.
What pleasure do these people get by laughing at others ? It angers me,makes me sad and I always wonder,what makes people say such things. I mean,come on,we are Muslims. We are to enjoin good,forbid the evil..we have to unite the masses and bring change..
All the practises in Islam: praying salah ,Hajj and others -reflect brotherhood and we can see from the Sunnah that skin color,community,race was never an issue,never a priority in anything. (whether in terms of education,marriage,etc)
Unfortunately,we have forgotten that,forgotten what Allah commanded us,forgotten what our last and beloved Prophet Muhammad taught and practised.
Sisters and brothers,pleaseplease do not indulge in such hurtful abusive speech nor crack jokes nor promote such useless,silly,harmful stuff..that cause disunity in the Ummah. Our Lord is Allah and we follow the Quran and the sunnah of last and final Messenger,Muhammad pbuh.
Bihari,Gujrati,Punjabi,Kashmiri,Maharastran,Arabs,Sayyeds,Khans,Ansaris..and all others-we are all one,our Rabb is One i.e.Allah and our religion is one i.e. Islam and our role model Muhammad pbuh.
Let us unite and enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil and let us not hurt each other in any way but rather defend each other,want the best for each other and make dua for each other. May Allah bless you all and grant you all goodness in both worlds. May Allah Guide us all. Ameen

Be the solution

Before you complain think about what you are doing to stop the problem. If you aren’t doing anything then you are part of the problem too-you are aware/you have,you dont share and do anything with that.

Complaining about Ignorance,lack of education but you are not spreading awareness about education or not doing anything to promote education..

Complaining about poverty but you are only fulfilling your needs (good enough and then wants and desires ) and you dont care for the hungry,the poor and the needy..

For everything,Ask Allah for Help,Do your best,Ask Allah to Help you and be a part of the solution rather than complaining or being a part of the problem.

Complaining wont solve the problem but playing your part and doing your bit will make a difference no matter how small it might appear.

The good deeds are never wasted if done for the Sake of Allah and if you do your best and leave the rest to Allah.

May Allah Help us to be people of action,to be among those who work hard to be the change and to bring change. May Allah Help us to work hard and do our best in everything and to do things to earn His Pleasure. May Allah Help us to purify our intentions. May Allah make us assets to the community,the society,the world and not liabilities. Ameen