Burooj farewell

What a happy day ! Alhamdulillah. Jazakumullahu khairan sisters for the yummy dishes and the gifts. I will miss you all too. What a beautiful journey,3 years as a Burooj student and 2 months as a Burooj teacher,Alhamdulillah.
Allah made Burooj a blessing in my life and I love it. Samina aunty ,may Allah bless you for starting Burooj in central kolkata. Shazia api,may Allah bless you immensely for instilling the love,enthusiasmand passion for Islam. I pray Allah Helps me to spread that. Ameen.
Sisters,a wonderful journey,many precious moments..Alhamdulillah.
As a student starting with Ramadan Zoo skit as Najm 1 and singing and acting in an islamic skit,that too in kala mandir..followed by Eid party..Burooj quiz…leadership day and then the exams..Burooj exams are fun..Alhamdulillah ! Shazia api and everyone telling me to write briefly lol…the projects and assignments ,Shazia api would give us,really fun and interesting ! Oh and unbelievable,last exam as Burooj student and I come first.
As a teacher,I learnt so much in 2 months. The quiz prep,the heroes of islam programme in vidya mandir,that skit where 2 of them had cute beards..shaheerand affan ..and yusuf,my boy ..aww! Oh and the Burooj Carnival-seeingkids and youth write,speak on serious topics,sing nasheed and recite Quran so well…
Love to see the curiosity on the kids faces,ma sha Allah. Enjoy answering their questions esp Amna,Rehan,Anas…,then the excitement and confidence of the class when I suddenly announce a surprise test or an activity. I am amazed,Subhanallah at the talent and intelligence kids today have..ma sha Allah. Today,5 people got full marks,1 2nd,3 3rd,1 4th n 1 5th ! Ma sha Allah ,that too a surprise test of about 6 chapters covered including surahs. May Allah increase their knowledge. Ameen
It gives me great hope,Alhamdulillah that through this platform,we can make kids and youth,agents of positive change in the world..by creating individuals who think,reflect,connect,those who r proud of their identity and will offer the solution of Islam to the world problems.In sha Allah.
May Allah bless and reward the main team and those around the world. Ameen


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