Exams my view

Exams-something that we all face or give at some point of time in our lives. And we all have one thing in common-we dont want to fail. We dont want to be tagged a failure. We want to pass and be successful.

We prepare for it,if only to pass and avoid failure. At the same time majority want that those who take their exam or give results,they have a good impression of them.

We give exams and we want something in return-success for the immense or average or little hard work we put in.

In case of failure,we often get chances to improve.

Similarly,we should prepare well in this world (an exam). We should keep striving and do good deeds.

At times,we will feel like giving up but we shouldnt. Keep striving.

If we dont prepare then we will get the tag of failure on the result day,The Day of Judgement, and know that we will be tagged eternal failure. No chance of coming back and improve.

On the Day of Judgement too,we would want that the One who took the exams,our Creator,Allah has a good impression of us. For teachers you can appear to be good but remember Allah knows our intentions and what is in our hearts. We cant deceive Him.

As humans,it is natural that we desire success,to be successful and to be rewarded. Allah has sent the manual,the Quran and the Guide book, Sunnah so that we study,understand and implement them and be successful.

We expect returns for hard work and sometimes,in our worldly exams we dont get what we deserve. Know my friend that Allah is Just and He even rewards us for good intention and no doubt ten or more times for acting upon it. We will get reward for an atom weight of good deed we do and punishment for an atom weight of evil deed.

So,let us prepare well and put in our best. Let us keep striving to earn His Pleasure and so that He has a good opinion of us.

Our desire to be successful will be fulfilled when we live the “La ilaha illallah,Muhammadur Rasulullah” in this life and when we will be given the records of our life on the Day of Judgement in our right hands,in sha Allah and be declared as Dwellers of Jannah.

Know my friend,we just have one go at this exam of worldly life.There wont be another chance.Grab the opportunity.Put in your best.Seek His Help. Let us make sure we dont regret on the Result day.

May Allah Help us to realize,understand and live with the reality that this life is temporary and is an exam. May Allah make us of those who prepare well and get a good result on the Judgement Day.Ameen


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