Marriage and culture

“Marry someone who can help you get to Jannah no matter what race or tribe they are.”

Via Pure matrimony

Do you agree with this statement?
What problems do we face if we want to marry someone from another culture?
What factors should we consider before marrying someone from another culture?
Share your views.
I Agree completely.

Problems are mostly from parents or close family members that our community boys are better.

Character should be good,in future he will become religious.Somet imes if its someone from family then everything can be compromised because the”mother”or father is good and parents know them.

Not realizing that if the boy is good and on Deen,he would never compromise on Islam and their daughter will have a good life in the world and a good akhirah,in sha Allah.

Culture,communi ty doesnt matter..what matters is the Deen,really ! Not money,not social status,not can adjust with all these things if they are lacking or less…but if Deen is compromised ( deen includes character) it will result in your destruction and the destruction of generations to come.

What should be considered is that the boy doesnt indulge in any form of shirk..he shouldnt hv aqeedah issues.

May Allah grant the elders and parents a good understanding of the Deen that they choose wisely and desire the best for their childrens akhirah and not feed on their ego and culture pride and thus bring harm to a lot of individuals.Ame en

May Allah grant all singles a pious spouse and may He grant sabr to all of us when elders pressure us or when facing trials in such matters.Ameen


I am going to address a topic that is relevant to you now or will be in some time or in future.

*Marriage-a word that invokes different feelings and reactions from youth.

*Some youth consider it to be bad to be married early as they think it will be a hindrance in their life-goals,education,dreams etc.

#Marriage with right intention and person (keep makng dua ) will make it better.As you will be facing less fitna.You wont be tempted to get into or think wrong things. You will gain encouragement,focus and companionship. You will complete half your Deen.

*Majority parents today want to avoid early marriage for youth as they think youth are immature,not ready etc. Islam encourages early marriage to protect individuals,to ensure no dating,haram relationships.Part of the problem-girls sharng pics on websites and wantng attention from men,friendshps break over a boy..etc.

*Around 20 to 23 is good enough.Parents are advisd to keep supportng youth if they are studyng and cant afford education after their marriage.

*Some youth want an early marriage. But parents may not agree. In that case,make dua to Allah to make it easy for you and send the right person along.

*Some youth who start becoming serious about their Deen have difficulties like :

1. Finding a practisng Muslim.Make dua to Allah and He will respond. Focus on being the right woman and Allah will send the right man,in sha Allah.

2.Parents not serious about finding a religiously like minded match.Make dua to Allah and He will respond. Allah alone can change hearts.

3.Sometimes you have someone in mind and you want to broach the marriage topic with that family. What do u do ?

*dont talk to him. I know of a few sisters who do. If you have spoken in writng or fone,let some responsble elder know that.
*Tell ur parents.Might not be easy.Ask Allah to gv u courage.
*If he is from a different community n ur family isnt open to that option.Make dua.Allah can make way where there seems to be no way.
Ur intention shud b right and ur actions shud b right. Then only Allah’s Help will come.
*No matter how much the temptation,dont talk to him.Avoid.
*Direct him to some male family member of yours or someone your parents trust.
*you keep in touch with the female members. Be friends with them. Dont keep talking about him or marriage to all.

#one great difficulty you will face is that inspite of your distance from the haram..people will judge you.Ignore.Keep doing the right thing.Dont argue or explain.It will make things worse.Mischief makers can turn and twist stuff.

#since you have directed him to a male member.Drop hints ,be modest even then.Tell that member in a polite manner of ur intentions.

In the end leave it to Allah after trying your best.
My point is:
*focus on being the right woman.
*abstain from haram.
*expect from Allah alone.
*make dua for all ur needs and wants.
*have good intentions and actions.
*Allah Will make Way where there seems to be no way.
*Allah alone can change hearts.Make dua.
*Make dua at times when dua is answered like when raining,after fard namaz,one third of night etc