Women role

In my opinion,a woman should maintain a balance.

Allah has given us the duty,He is our Creator and knows whats best for His creation and we as women can do the best i.e.in taking care of household duties,kids and family.

Now at the same time,we are slaves of Allah,who worship Allah alone,who should enjoin good and forbid evil.

We should take out time and gain knowledge (every Muslim man and woman should gain knowledge),do what we are good at and develop our talents and skills ,keeping in mind the commands of Allah. We can be role models for kids,youth,wome n folk around and our families.

Often we study and after marriage,it seems that the education was of no benefit. No ! Everything you learnt and went through was for a reason..it was to help you to become what you were meant to be.

I am about to complete my Botany course.I will be starting Counselling in post grads soon,in sha Allah. I want to be a social reformer,in sha Allah. I know its not easy for a woman but no one defined it that it should be changing people in a particular area only.It can be reforming only 1 individual,fami ly,school,colle ge,workplace.Do esnt have to be entire city,state,nati on !

Science taught me how to observe and analyze.Plants taught me about humans.

What I learnt from science-literal ly and from Islamic perspective..I can implement when I become a housewife.

What I learn from counselling,I can implement when dealing with my spouse,in laws,kids and those around me.

Thats how I can utilize my education and develop my talents and skills. Besides that I can organize charity fundraiser,clot hes drive..events for kids and youth… Options are many !

We just need to be opportunists racing towards seeking the Pleasure of Allah and working hard to increase our good deeds like Abu Darda r.a.


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