Be the change you want

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”
Barack Obama

We often complain about things,about other people,situations,our life and the list is huge.

But you know complaining wont help.It is not going to solve the problem.

What will solve the problem is :
Vision and Action.

Have a Vision.Dont think short term.Think long term.

Make short term goals.Fulfill them and keep moving closer to the ultimate Goal.

After you’ve decided and planned it out in your mind,Act upon it.

Take small steps,small initiatives and it will reap benefits,in sha Allah.

For instance,you want to stop the discrimination based on race,community,financial status etc. You have to begin from school as a student.You have to fight for the rights of the less fortunate there.

I will share few of my experiences with you all.

I was in class 10 and there was a group of 5 to 6 girls in my class(Group A).They were a little weak in studies,financial status and social status but they were good in many other things.

We had this space with big tables and benches where all of us would have lunch.

I remember it was around November and selections were round the corner.I would prefer sitting alone and having lunch and revising what I had studied at home the previous night.

Just opposite my table,a group of girls (group B ) would sit,who were well off in the areas I mentioned above.

That day Group A came and sat at that table.They were having lunch and all of a sudden Group B comes and demands in a rude and arrogant manner that it is their place and it should be vacated.

*Group B could have sat elsewhere.
*Group B could be polite and request.

The situation turned bad.The language turned bad.I frowned.

I got up from my bench which was enough for 3 people,searched and brought another bench from the nearby tables and requested them to sit at the table where I was seated. I sat with Group A,told them to relax and enjoy lunch and continued my work.

Later,I went to Group B and explained to them that you have no right to speak to anyone like that and 1 girl of Group B,started reminding me about who I was defending.I told her I know I am defending a human being,who was ill treated by you. After much explaination,she apologized.Alhamdulillah !

Few years back,I was travelling in the taxi and somehow I saw one of the girls of Group A,walking on the road,our eyes met and she smiled and waived back.I smiled back.I thanked Allah.

I realized Allah made me do it. I didnt and dont have the courage to face anything. I am a human,I am weak. It had been 1 and half years,since I had started practising when I faced that situation.

That experience gave me courage.Again,in plus 2 and then in College..I saw same things repeated..I felt sad at how people pick on them,make fun of them when they do things in a wrong way.No one wants to pair up with them.

A girl was doing the experiment in the wrong way and instead of helping,they laughed and made fun of her.It made me sad.How dare they ! What gives people the right to behave so rudely.Dont people have feelings!

I told her you could be my partner.And each step I was explaining to her.After everyone left,I sat with her and asked her if everything was ok at home and life.The previous day,one of our Professors-I.S.Ma’am, asked me if that girl faced anything from the class.Before I could say anything,ma’am told me what she had told ma’am. Ma’am,was explaining that if people treat her that way,she could develop problems in future.

When I was speaking to that girl,she was emotional.She said no one wants to hear me.Her batchmates had passed out from college.

*that girl was accused of theft.
*no one had caught her doing wrong.
*if she did,why she one knows.
*people blamed and made fun of her for silly reasons like hair is dirty etc.

If you want to change the world,the have to begin as early as possible and at all places you have access to. You cant wait to join an NGO or group and then do all that.

Also,if you behave like that with people who you think are on the wrong..its going to do more damage. You have to speak to these people,be kind and good to them. Trust them. If they are wrong they will change..if only to keep your trust.Believe me. Help them and be the best to them ,even if no one is.

Now,the benefits are that the person might change.If they dont,you played your part.Thank Allah.Many people will silently observe and admire you.You might never know.Thank Allah,you did what you could.Some will oppose you.Never mind.Thank Allah.It means you did something different.

Be good to all.Remember your purpose and keep doing good.Allah will give you strength when your intention is good.

What should motivate you is the verse from the Quran,”enjoin the good and forbid the evil “.Yes,that is what we are here to do.We the Muslim youth of the Ummah.

Enough of injustices.Enough of pain.

We will not remain quiet.We will not let the evil happen without us opposing it verbally or physically or the least in our hearts.May Allah Help us.Ameen

I wanted to share this with all of you.I am sure,every class,every school,every college and university has this problem.But if you my dear sisters and brothers in Islam,if you are in these places…it is time you become the change that is needed. May Allah give you all courage to stand up.Ameen

Remember,Allah is with you. When you have the Truth with you (keep learning about Islam) you can do anything with His Help. Nothing is impossible for Allah and for one who has Allah on their side. In sha Allah !

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