Interesting conversation

Alhamdulillah,it is always interesting,good to talk people who have interests similar to yours and age makes no difference. Our family dentist-Dr.Sharma and his assistant,,mom and me..

*Crime petrol and others give wrong ideas to people who might not know much about crimes or want to commit crimes.
Such shows should be banned.

*The t2 paper and all dirty useless stuff,gossip for people..Aunty said in their time they enjoyed productive discussions..I agree with her that t2 is of no use really ! The content,the kind of pictures..shameless !

*Malaysian aircraft missing.

*Politicians are so mean and corrupt. Elections coming up and they dont reflect on their actions..they dont care if riots break out or innocent people die.

*Uncle was sharing the live videos he watched..People who run our country..breaking furniture,hurling abuses,quarrelling.. How can India progress when such people rule the country !

*The bad news is given full coverage whereas
the good news is never made known.

I remember attending a programme where I met a couple from a district in west bengal..and got to know about the hard work and their success in improving their area..

Good news should be given more coverage so that people learn good things and get good ideas..they get inspired and motivated..

Talking about such things may make people pessimists,hopeless,depressed..Dont be !

Be positive.
Be hopeful and have faith.

A lot of good is happening..its just that its not given that coverage..

Look around you..and you will find good things happening..parents working hard to give their kids a good education,a farmer working hard to provide for the nation,a teacher putting in her best to bring out the best in the students,young men and women doing their bit to serve the Ummah and humanity…if you observe,you will find heroes around you..


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