Burooj Carnival JAM

Burooj Carnival
Just a Minute

Born a Muslim.Live like a Muslim.

Alhamdulillah,it is a blessing that we are born Muslims.Unfortunately,many of us do not live like Muslims.

We keep names like Muhammad and Aisha but we do not act like these great people.

We say that we are Muslims and yet we do not pray 5 times a day,we do not fast throughout Ramadan,we do not give Zakat,we do not wear Hijab,we are rude to neighbours and family,we do not take care of poor and needy,we cheat during exams and we do not act like Muslims.

Dear Sisters,If Allah has given us a chance to be a Muslim,to be born a Muslim then let us live like a Muslim.

By Khadijah Ahmed,12 year old


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