Listen to peoples problems

The least we can do for others is just listen to their problems..They feel light..its like they have unloaded their burden..

We can put ourselves in their shoes,feel for them and sincerely advise them..One of the best things (tried and tested) is to make sincere Dua for them..Like,may Allah solve all your problems..may Allah give you relief from the pains and struggles..

Alhamdulillah,this has shown positive results with a lot of people.Often,when I sit to reflect or write in a class,alone and I see a maid around..I ask her how she is,what her kids are doing etc…She starts on a happy note and gradually moves to the sadder aspects..

When I make dua for her and her family,she smiles and that look really ! Beautiful ! SubhanAllah.

Often,the maids who clean the toilets suffer from cold…the least we can do is offer them medicine and water..They might have water and can buy medicine..What counts is our gesture,that we care..I met a maid who was suffering from cold and she was in pain..I went into my class,took out the Dabur honitus i had and told her to chew.Next day,she told me : “Thank you..Ek dum acha ho gaya.Bahut Aram mila.”

I thank Allah,as only He made it possible.With Allah’s Help,I could remember that I am a Muslim and it is my duty to help..

The maids,the sweepers are often looked down upon,considered untouchable and uncivilized..People avoid them..

What is their fault ? Just that they dont have a few materialistic resources that we have !

Such people need our time,care and love…
If you want to bring change,change have to begin there..

Before we stop discrimination,change the world..we need to change things around us-at home,school,college,workplace,weekly class etc..

It might take courage to stand up..for what is right and for what we believe stop thinking about what people say..But if we remember that Allah has commanded us to enjoin good and forbid evil….when we remember that Allah will be Pleased with us and reward will become easy,in sha Allah.

I pray Allah gives us courage to stand up for the truth,to enjoin good,forbid evil,to be just.Ameen


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