Ask Him

Sometimes we worry a lot about certain things.We feel sad,hopeless,depressed.

If we are not doing and praying enough for what we want.. Then Allah makes situations such that we start praying more,making more dua..

Allah makes situations such that we start realizing that we need Him,that we need His Help..that only He can Help..we realize His Greatness..

And our hearts find rest..we realize that when Allah is with us,nothing can go wrong.Allah will respond to prayers..

We need to ask and He will Give.

Know that what we want..He has control over it..only He can Give.

Ask Him.Obey Him.Do what He tells us to do and He will do what we want and whats best for us.

Allah is the Loving One..He is the One who responds to people when they need Help..He is shy to return His Slave empty handed when the slave raises hands to make dua to Him.

Dear sisters and brothers,ask Him as only He can give,He has control over everything.Ask like a 2 year old child.Be persistent in your Duas.Please dont give up hope.

Let us make dua to Him for all we need and want.


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