Youth misunderstood

I often think about how the society looks at us,the youth-such a negative opinion of us…no one seems to understand the youth issues.
On one side,the media..youth are the target..they want to misguide us and on the other hand,the elders,most of them-who keep blaming..
This doesnt help as problems keep increasing,crimes increase,violence increases..the issues are not addressed…it is really sad !
I feel so proud to be a Muslim youth as Islam gives us a sense of purpose..I am inspired by the youth of the cave,prophet yusuf pbuh,prophet Ibrahim pbuh,then the youth around Prophet pbuh-Musab ibn Umair,Muadh ibn Jabal,Jafar ibn Abi Talib,Ali r.a and others…
The Muslim youth in the past the time of Prophet pbuh, have done so much and brought changes in the society,the world..they had a vision,a purpose..they were so focused…they were people of motivation..
And in my opinion,they didnt suffer like youth today…they had Prophet pbuh who understood them,was patient with them..and look at those young men-heroes of islam,Subhanallah !
Prophet Muhammad pbuh was so loving,encouraging,understanding..
I pray Allah makes the elders around us more understanding,encouraging.Ameen
May Allah make us youth with a vision,youth with a mission.
Dear young sisters and brothers,if you are going through bad times..where you are misunderstood or any other issues…Seek Allah’s help through patience and prayer (salah)…Allahwill give you strength to survive,to face the hurdles,the storms..Allah will Help you..
How often this happens to us …Whenever I feel my Eeman has become low…I begin to worry…
And then I hear a khutbah that motivates me..specially Ustadh Nouman Ali khan,Sh.Zahir Mahmood,Sh.Tawfique Chowdhury…
Then I make dua whole heartedly or able to prayer 2 rakat nafil or read extra Quran..This helps me become optimistic,it inspires me,Alhamdulillah.
I also tried doing what I had heard someone did..that is saying Alhamdulillah and meaning it..and not just saying for the sake of it.
I often think no matter what we do..good or bad..we will be why not keep trying to do good with Allah’s Help and then be criticized ?
May Allah Guide us all and keep our hearts steadfast upon His Deen.May Allah Help us to derive inspiration from the lives of the youth of the past..Ameen
*They Always wanted to seek Allah’s Pleasure..people didnt matter.. So let us also work hard to seek Allah’s Pleasure and not let the criticism affect us.*
In sha Allah !


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