Realize what you want to do with what you do and what you want to become in life..

Everything seems perfect upto class 12-arts,commerce and science.Easy to choose.
We want to pursue a certain subject in bachelors..many get,many dont.

Those who get their choice.Happy and thats future too.
Those who dont get their choice.Somehow 3 years pass.

Many end up thinking..3 years wasted ! Wrong !
Nothing is wasted.

What you ended up with..was meant to teach you and shape you in a certain way..

Dont regret.It wont help.Thank Allah for giving you the opportunity.

Reflect on what you learnt in the 3 years and what you will do with that.

You will realize what you loved,what you are passionate about,what you want to do…you will begin to understand what you should do..

Dont be afraid to do that.By all means,continue studying but be focused in that.Focus on your goals.Make appropriate plans so that everything thats within your control is in place…Reflect yourself,ask those who know you and you trust,Enquire about the courses and then decide what will fit into or be similar to what you want to achieve.

Sometimes what we want to achieve might appear impossible.Nothing is impossible,my friend..if you believe in Allah and do your best.Ask Him,Make dua and He will make way where there seems to be no way.

You are weak and you cant do everything yourself.Allah is All-Mighty,nothing is impossible for Him.

You want to do big things.Do it.Improve your relationship with Him.With the God touch,anything can be done,in sha Allah.