When I shared the reflection on photosynthesis and social change,my teacher shared her reflection.

She was amazed at how plants are so patient and silently carrying out their duty perfectly.

I asked her if she liked thinking like that.
She said,”Everyone studies the same thing and it is structured,mechanical.We have to stand out from the rest.What you study,should help should be able to connect to it and get the essence and enrich yourself.Nothing is ever a waste even if you leave the subject.”

She said,”People who think differently..usually invent things,they do exceptional things.”

She gave this advise ever since,we were in 1st year…

My point of sharing the above:
*This teacher has completed Ph.D and has a lot of experience.She is one of those who emphasizes on getting good marks..but you know whats so beautiful is that she understands each of us..inspite of some of us getting good marks..she told us: Botany isnt for you after are not able to give your heart into it..Pursue what your heart is saying..never mind what the world says.”

*Her emphasis on connecting study with life.I have never met anyone who thinks that way.
May God bless her.

*She loves what she teaches and its apparent.Since 1st year..the diagrams,the way she talks..all showed how much she loved the subject.The reason:she could connect with it and think beyond the text book.

*If you have been studying something for 3 years and realize that it is not what you wanted to do..dont regret..Reflect on what the subjects taught you..It wasnt a waste..

*Realize what you want to do with what you do and become in life..

Everytime I have a conversation with her,I come out inspired by her.Allah has given her such talents.May Allah Guide her always and bless her.Ameen


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