Memorable day

Allah is Great.

Alhamdulillah,a very interesting and enjoyable day..

*1st time followed “Gorap” for Dawah..

Followed by discussions on:
*purpose of life-why it cant be just a good career or being a good human being. (will share my article one day,in sha Allah)

*homosexuality-how nature doesnt favor it nor do laws nor does biology (science helped,Alhamdulillah.)

*gender roles-how man and woman are created to play certain roles.They work as a team.No need to compare.Both beautiful and perfect in their own way.

*Concept of God-why shouldnt you worship creation (iou material helped)…Surah Ikhlas-litmus test.

*In a circle,the centre is God and we all have to make an effort with what we do,where we are..from different points on circumference to move along the radius to centre,to grow closer to God.

*What Romance novels you read can teach you.
Since youth love reading them.Told them about how the so called romantic novels and movies show men who are ruthless as ideal men.Shared the Islamic perspective.

*Know that Allah is your Creator.You cant be Useless,Worthless,Hopeless.Just that You are not aware,you havent realized your it..

*When you have the God touch,anything is possible.
Examples from Quranic stories.

Alhamdulillah,an opportunity given to me by Allah.Started with 1 then 2 the end,around 10-12 people kept coming just to sit to do adda bazi but Alhamdulillah Allah has Plans,they wanted to join. And it became a productive day.

Allah is Great.

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