Valentine day

14th February-Valentines Day,Right ?
And that is why so many posts and articles on love from now on Islamic pages and Muslims timelines?
Not to promote or encourage.
But to make it clear and spread awareness about why we youngsters shouldnt be involved in an illegal,haram relationship.
During this youth stage of a human beings life,we do have the tendency of developing feelings for the opposite sex.
This is due to the hormones as well as due to the sexualized world around us.
Having feelings for a member of the opposite sex is one thing and expressing it in a halal or haram way is the other thing.
Make it halal.
Approach the elders concerned.
If that cant be done due to some reason,make Dua to Allah,to make it halal,to bless you with a righteous sister or brother.
Do istikharah.
Seek Allah’s Help.
To the singles,
Do not meet the person in seclusion,do not share romantic messages and gifts.
Let your romance blossom after your Nikah.
For the married people,why choose this one day to exchange romantic gifts and messages?
Do it 365 1/4 days.
It doesnt have to be expensive,materialistic gifts exchange.
It could be a grin,a smile,a hug,a word.
Read the Seerah and you’ll know the different ways on how to be a loving spouse.
May Allah protect us from haram relationships.
May Allah grant us halal love,a righteous spouse.Ameen
“Boyfriends and Girlfriends will leave you in this dunya, while a righteous spouse will be with you even in Jannah”!
– Boona Mohammed


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