Imagine someone does a lot of good to
you,without you doing something for
them. Or think about this,your parents
brought you up,gave you so much and
you disobey,disrespect and ignore
them. How would they feel (you’ll understand
better when you become one) ? The common reaction of the majority of
human beings is to Retaliate..to stop
Caring,stop Loving. Think about this Friends.. Allah-Who has Created you,Created the
World for you,Provides for you,Loves
you,Protects you. You Reject Him-you reject He is your
Creator and call upon others,who have
done nothing for you and do not have
the power to do Anything for you. You Reject Him in your “Arrogance”
and in your “Ignorance” that He is The
Creator. You Disobey Him,when He has
prohibited that which is harmful for
“You”. And even after you Reject Him,
Even after you Disobey Him,
He ” Still ” Loves you,
He ” Still ” Provides for you,
He ” Still ” Gives you what you Need. How Ungrateful WE are and How
Merciful ALLAH is ! How Great and Loving Our Creator is
and How Shameless,Arrogant and
Disobedient WE are ! O Allah,have Mercy on us.
O Allah,forgive our sins.
Ya Allah,please make us among your
grateful Slaves.Aameen.

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