Seek knowledge

The process of Gaining knowledge and Learning humbles you…you realize how ignorant you really are and how much more you need to know and want to know..

Learning should never stop. Often people stop focusing on the learning process when they become parents or teachers..

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said,

“Seek knowledge from thy cradle to thy grave.”

Beneficial knowledge ensures you lead a productive and purposeful helps in worshipping Allah better.

Statement of Ibn Hazm (may Allah be pleased with him):

“If the learned ponders how the hours he spent learning saved him from the humiliation of being dominated by the ignorant and from the distress of having no access to the facts, and how those hours provided him with the joy of discovering that which is hidden from others, he would excel in praising Allah, the exalted, full of majesty, and would be more pleased with the knowledge he has and would deepen his desire to increase his knowledge.”

Are you satisfied?

“Two persons are never satisfied, one who is seeking knowledge, and the other who is seeking the world.”

When should you be jealous of others ?

“No one should be jealous of anything except two people – a man whom Allah has blessed with knowledge and he teaches it; and a man who has money and he spends it in the sake of Allah.” (Bukhari)

I pray to Allah that :

“My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”
[Qur’an, 20:114]


May Allah Grant us and Help us to Seek knowledge that is beneficial and may Allah Help us to act upon it.Ameen


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