“I had no power over you except to
entice you and you succumbed to me,
so do not blame me and blame no one
but yourselves.”
(Surah Ibrahim 14, verse 22) This is what Shaitan will tell you on the
Day of Judgement.
And How easily you blame the cursed
one for your shortcomings ! It is from the greatest gifts of Allah and
from His good grace that
He invites His slaves to His pardon and
forgiveness; not only this but He also
follows it with another great bounty:
He grants them respite to critically examine their own souls, help amend
their mistakes and correct their state. As He, the Exalted says in the Surah
Ibrahim 14, verse 10:
“He invites you
so that He may forgive you your
transgressions and He delays [your
death] until an appointed time.” Thus, give glad tidings to those who
know that they have a merciful Lord,
Who is generous, Who pardons, Who
accepts the repentance of those who
are regretful, Who overlooks the
mistakes of those who stumble when they turn to Him truthfully and
sincerely and without losing hope. Indeed, this is what He has ordered His
Prophet and those with him when He
the Exalted says in Surah Muhammad,
verse 19:
“And know [O Muhammad] that there is
no deity except Allah so seek forgiveness for your sins and for
those of the believers.” And our Prophet Muhammad, (pbuh),
said to us,
“If you did not transgress,
Allah would remove you and bring a
people who do sin and seek
forgiveness from Allah the Exalted and he would forgive them.” (Related by
Muslim) So whoever’s hand committed sins,
and whoever spoke that which
enrages his Lord and Master by
swearing and slander, and whoever
walked the path of disobedience, and
whoever spent the night worried, anxious, in discomfort, miserable, in
despair, the world seemingly
constricting him despite its
spaciousness, his eyes not enjoying
sleep and his mouth not enjoying the
taste of food and drink, as if darkness surrounds him because he has
disobeyed his Lord and committed a
prohibited act, then let his heart be
opened, his burden lightened, his
worry and anxiety removed and his
happiness returned to him by the statement of his Lord the Most High: “Say [O Muhammad]: O my slaves who
have sinned against their own souls,do
not despair from the mercy of Allah
– indeed Allah forgives all sins and
indeed it is He who is the All Forgiving,
the All Merciful.” (Surah az-Zumar 39,verse53) And are you not overjoyed by the
statement of Allah the Most High,
“They are those who if they commit an
immorality or transgress against their
own souls they remember Allah and
ask His forgiveness for their sins – and who can forgive sins except Allah? [In
addition] they do not persist in doing
(evil) whilst they are aware of
(Surah al-e-Imran 3, verse135) And by His statement,
“And indeed I
am the Forgiver of he who repents
and believes and performs righteous
actions and then was guided.” (Surah
Ta-Ha 20, verse 82) and in Surah an-
Noor, verse 22:
“Would you not like it that Allah would
forgive you.” And by His statement in a hadith Qudsi, “O son of Adam, as long as you call
upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive
you for what you have done and I will
not mind. O son of Adam, were your
sins to reach the clouds of the sky and
were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, if
you were to come to me with sins as
great as the volume of the earth and
were you then to face Me,associating
no partners with Me, I would bring you
forgiveness of an equal amount to it.” (Related by al-
Tirmidhi) Allow your tongue to say,
“O my Lord I have
repented to You so accept it from me
and have mercy upon me.”
And say, “I
seek the forgiveness of Allah the Exalted and I have repented unto
Him.” Say it with a truthful tongue and with a
sincere and pure heart and make a
firm intention to leave all sins and to
return to Allah absolutely, as the
person who sought forgiveness but did
not correct his repentance, then he is a liar and the person who seeks
forgiveness for sins while he is still
committing them, is as if he is ridiculing
his Lord. So be wary that you do not become
such a person.
Try to become
of those whom Allah describes as
“O you who believe, fear Allah and be with those who are
truthful.” (9:119) and also Allah swt
says in Surah at-Tahreem:
“O you who
believe, repent to Allah with a true and
sincere repentance.” O Allah, please forgive our
sins and ignore our shortcomings and
enter us into Your Paradise, Ameen


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