A true man is he who leads his wife closer to Allah than to himself.

What you have in your hand is your harvest. What you sow is your seed. To get a harvest you have to first sow the seed. Remember that the harvest is always more than the seed. So give and give with grace, with love, with joy. And you will get much more than you bargained for.

If you are stressed, you’ll get pimples.. if you cry, you’ll get wrinkles..So, why don’t you smile&get dimples..:-)

our actions define us. They must learn that people will define them on the basis of both what they owned and what they contributed. But they will honor them only for what they contributed. Because we are remembered, not for what we had but for what we gave.

Soul mates are made, not born. And they are made over time. Sometimes a fairly long time. Then you see them sitting together and smiling at things that only they understand. Or looks that have meaning only for each other. Or speaking in a language that only the other understands.

There are some who are so poor that all they have is money, and there are some who are so rich that all they need is their faith.

Constantly thinking about someone is a sign of true love—so how often do those who claim to love Allah remember Him?”

A Quote By

Yasir Qadhi

A blind man once asked Sheikh Saadi, “Can anything be worse than losing the eyesight?”

Sheikh Saadi replied, “Yes, losing the vision”.

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The wealthiest person is not the one who has the most but the one who can give away the most.