Truly, we were granted this life to
be tested which of us would remain
steadfast in the dhikr(remembrance)
and shukr
(gratitude) of Allah, the Sublime. This world is one big attraction,
making those who in reality are
meagre and full of weakness look
strong and mighty, making those
who are ignorant seem intelligent,
and portraying those who have been misguided and enslaved to
their own desires as being the most
guided of people. Know, that no one lives in this
dunya (world) except that he will
be eaten by it in its entirety or will
leave bruised and scarred except
for those whom Allah, the Most
High, has mercy upon. We are all guilty of the crime of
being deceived by the dunya with
its beauty and glamour. Some of us
were fortunate to get out, praise be
to Allah, while others have wandered
off into the everlasting dark tunnel that had no light at its
beginning and has no light at its
end, and the only thing that will
allow him to leave is death itself.
Refuge is sought with Allah, the Most
High, from such an evil ending


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